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SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.9

The most powerful communications platform keeps getting stronger.

As we near the end of the year, we are happy to announce another SignalWire STACK release! In version 20.19.9 you will find minor bug fixes, including improvements in sofia's behavior, as well as increased core stability and improvements in memory management.

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SignalWire + Agora Integration

How to increase Agora's functionality by using SignalWire

We are excited to announce our new SignalWire - Agora integration. For those who are unfamiliar, Agora allows you to easily embed Real-Time Engagement APIs, which includes all the development tools and cloud infrastructure needed for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Now you can connect your Agora conferences to SignalWire to increase functionality!

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Connecting FreeSWITCH to SignalWire CLOUD

Use mod_signalwire to take advantage of SignalWire's disruptive pricing on cloud telecom services

Since its inception, SignalWire is the most advanced communications cloud platform on the planet, and for over 15 years, the FreeSWITCH open-source project has been the ultimate toolset for any kind of real-time communication service, unrivaled in power and flexibility. Now the two can operate seamlessly together, thanks to mod_signalwire.

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Early Access to SignalWire + Zapier Integration

Connect Software-Defined Telecom to over 1500 applications without writing any code

You can now integrate 1500+ applications with SignalWire’s advanced texting and calling capabilities using Zapier with no coding required...at all.

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SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.7

The most powerful communications platform keeps getting stronger.

For STACK’s new release, we put a lot of work into improving stability and memory management. Highlights from this release include bug fixes, database improvements, plugged memory leaks, repaired database handle cache logic, resolution for a few nasty crashes (especially for those using mod_spandsp), and one fixed regression in mod_fifo.

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Taking Control of Your SignalWire Space

How to choose your development path and harness the power of SignalWire

In this blog post we will help you get familiarized with your SignalWire Space so that you can immediately start developing and unleash the power of SignalWire.

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RELAY: The Next Generation of Communications APIs

A secure, scalable, real-time API for building advanced communications applications.

RELAY is a suite of APIs exposed via our software development kits that you can download and integrate instantly. It provides an easy, secure, and scalable way to do things like send SMS, make phone calls, start video chats and programmatically interact with all SignalWire services.

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