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Why SMS?

Text messaging (SMS) is an absolutely essential tool for customer engagement and one of the most effective channels to reach your customers. With an average open rate of 98%, you can be sure your message will be seen by as many eyes as possible when you incorporate SMS campaigns into your company's engagement strategy.

At SignalWire, we make it easy to purchase phone numbers and get your campaigns registered all in one place. For messaging within the United States, 10 digit long codes (10DLC) are a standard choice of phone number for SMS campaigns.

If you're using an application (like SignalWire) for bulk text messaging (as opposed to one person individually texting another person) then your campaign would fall under the umbrella of application-to-person (A2P) 10DLC, and you are required to register with The Campaign Registry, an entity designed to mitigate spam and fraud.

In this post, we'll go over the basics of A2P 10DLC, The Campaign Registry, how to register, and provide some resources to get you started with your messaging campaigns.

What is 10DLC?

Historically, the use of short codes (5 or 6 digit numbers) was most prevalent for A2P messaging. Meanwhile, 10DLC was intended for person-to-person (P2P) messaging.

However, there were some massive challenges in this design for A2P: spam and fraud were through the roof. Billions of spam messages were sent out per month within the United States. In late 2022, this number was as high as 55 billion spam messages per month!

This prompted the need for a more scalable and secure solution, and the widespread development and adoption of A2P 10DLC.

The goal of 10DLC is to provide a more reliable and secure communication channel for businesses engaging in SMS communications. 10DLC is suitable for most messaging use cases within the United States.

The implementation of A2P 10DLC brought several advantages, including increased throughput, improved deliverability rates, and better overall messaging performance. It also enhanced the ability to track and monitor messaging campaigns.

While 10DLC has addressed many issues related to A2P messaging, it's essential to stay informed about any updates or changes in regulations and best practices. Compliance with carrier guidelines and industry standards is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns.

Luckily, SignalWire has always been at the forefront of industry changes related to SMS. While other providers were scrambling to register their customers for The Campaign Registry in 2021, SignalWire customers were already approved.

What is The Campaign Registry?

U.S. wireless carriers introduced a registration process for businesses to use 10DLC numbers, which involves vetting and approval to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations: The Campaign Registry (TCR).

TCR plays a pivotal role in the world of 10DLC, serving as a centralized database that manages and organizes information about A2P messaging campaigns. It is designed to enhance transparency, security, and trust within the messaging ecosystem. Basically, carriers want to know at all times who is sending what, and how much they are sending.

Campaigns registered with TCR are associated with a verified business identity and even receive a trust score. This association enhances trust between businesses and carriers, leading to improved message deliverability rates. It also helps reduce the likelihood of messages being flagged as spam.

Businesses using 10DLC are expected to maintain ongoing compliance with industry guidelines and to always register each messaging campaign. Failure to register campaigns can lead to fines or penalties.


In summary, TCR promotes transparent A2P messaging practices to reduce spam. By registering messaging campaigns, the information is centralized and easy to track. TCR contributes to a more secure and reliable environment for businesses and consumers engaging in SMS communication.

How to Register

Businesses engaging in A2P 10DLC messaging must register their campaigns with TCR or risk fines and deliverability issues. This registration process involves providing details about the nature of the campaign, the intended use of messaging, and other relevant information.

Registering your 10DLC campaigns with SignalWire is fast and easy. It only takes a few minutes when you have all the relevant information prepared, such as:

→ Tax ID
→ Messaging templates
→ Accurate campaign descriptions
→ Valid website
→ Opt-in and opt-out processes
→ Privacy policy

You can register your campaigns directly within your SignalWire Space, and we have plenty of resources to give you support along the way, including a world-class team of carrier operations experts, a beginner’s guide to registering your campaign, and a list of detailed tips for successful registration.

Pricing varies by use case. Refer to our always up-to-date pricing guide to make sure you understand costs associated with your messaging campaign.

Why SignalWire

Regulations and procedures in the telecommunications industry are always evolving. It's essential to stay informed about any updates, and choosing a partner who has always been at the forefront of industry changes makes that task easier.

If you choose SignalWire as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP), you’ll find that we make the process of registering your Brand and Campaigns incredibly simple through our TCR wizard.

Choosing a CSP that is proactive in helping its users comply with regulations can reduce the risk of messaging disruptions and get your campaign out the door much more quickly. Our world-class support team understands the urgency of getting your campaigns quickly launched and consistently delivers the fastest possible turnaround time.

With a quick turnaround time for the approval of 10DLC campaigns, you can start A2P messaging activities without unnecessary delays (and we’ll work with you to make sure you get approved the first time). This can be crucial for time-sensitive marketing campaigns or customer communications.

At SignalWire, we take pride in offering world-class customer support. Having a responsive and knowledgeable support team makes registering your campaigns, and ensuring the best deliverability and throughput, as painless as possible.

SignalWire provides robust APIs and developer-friendly tools that make it easier for businesses to integrate messaging capabilities into their applications. With our messaging platform free trial, you can get started today for free by signing up for a SignalWire space.

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