Textline Seamlessly Switches from Twilio to SignalWire: sees more Technical Expertise

Case Study: Textline

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

“Switching to SignalWire [from Twilio] was really fast. It took us maybe a day to get a proof of concept working. We were able to get up and running really quickly...The level of knowledge and support that SignalWire offers is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition”
-Mark Lilien Co-founder and CTO at Textline


Textline offers a SaaS application to businesses who want to communicate back and forth with their customers via text messaging. Their goal is to help businesses communicate the way their customers want to and to increase their engagement rate without stretching resources. Textline had difficulties with their previous provider, Twilio, and was disappointed with the lack of knowledge and response time from their support team. Textline switched to SignalWire and was able to make that switch quickly and seamlessly with no dip in their application’s functionality. Textline uses SignalWire to provide phone numbers and SMS functionality to their customers and they are thrilled with how easy it was to switch their application over as well as the technical expertise of the SignalWire success team.

About Textline

Textline connects businesses with textable phone numbers so that they can easily communicate back and forth with customers. More than a thousand companies of all sizes use Textline to connect directly with customers using a communication channel that is convenient and personal. They provide text for customer service, sales, logistics, operations, and more.

The Challenge

Textline aims to make communication between businesses and their customers a more efficient and rewarding experience. Their goal is to make interacting with a brand or business as easy as communicating with a friend or family member.

Textline’s previous providers made building and maintaining this software difficult because of a lack of industry knowledge and a lack of transparency around their products. If Textline ran into any problems with their SMS application, they were unable to get a swift response or helpful answer which in turn left their customers waiting.

Textline began looking for a new SMS API provider that would provide more consistency for its customers.

“Previous providers had a lack of industry knowledge and a lack of transparency...the speed of support with Twilio -the amount of time it takes to get an answer - it takes sometimes over a week to get a response. SignalWire support members know what they’re talking about and I can get an answer right there” 
-Mark Lilien Co-founder and CTO at Textline

The Solution

Textline now uses SignalWire SMS for most of its customers who need text-enabled phone numbers for their business. The switch from their previous provider to SignalWire was quick and seamless with no dip in their application’s functionality.

Textline is able to rely on the SignalWire customer success team to quickly solve any hiccups they might face so their customers will never have to worry about the reliability of their text messaging.

Textline’s customers are able to text back and forth with their own customers as opposed to simple one-way communication like appointment reminders. Textline’s customers see a much higher engagement rate and can handle a higher volume of communication with fewer people because staff can handle multiple text conversations at once.

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