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Power All Patient Communications with an
Integrated Platform

Build customized, HIPAA-compliant communications solutions quickly and easily. All SignalWire APIs integrate together to create one omnichannel patient experience. Whether it’s for appointment management, virtual care, or to help route calls, SignalWire has the APIs to help you focus on delivering better patient experiences.

Automate Appointment Outreach

Missed or mismanaged appointments can cost millions in lost revenue per year. SignalWire makes it easy to automate appointment scheduling to reduce no-shows.

  • Patients will automatically be sent a text message about upcoming appointments, allowing them to confirm, change or reschedule as needed

  • Reduce the reliance on inbound calls by leveraging a new channel of communication

  • Offer patients more ways to communicate outside of voice

Telehealth & E-Consultations

Extend the option for hybrid or completely remote patient care with HIPAA compliant video conferencing and increase patient care.

  • Enable staff to work remotely for increased safety

  • Include care-givers or interpreters to help improve overall engagement

  • Reduced latency helps provide more natural and real conversations as if it was an in-person visit

Omnichannel Patient Care

Patient care isn’t one size fits all and patient communications shouldn’t be either. Build multiple paths for patients to engage.

  • SignalWire integrated APIs offer patients more ways to communicate and get information securely via text message, chat, recorded phone messages, or via video

  • Quickly route inbound calls to the right department or individual

  • Easily scale up or down or route to a particular channel as needed

Patient Relationship Management

Patient care goes beyond appointment reminders Provide personal, ongoing relationship management.

  • Encourage wellness by automating notification updates, reminders, and educational insights

  • Build stronger relationships by providing automated, self-service, and same-agent handling with contact center capabilities

  • Create natural conversations with low-latency voice and video

Download the Ultimate Guide to Telehealth and the Patient Experience

SignalWire offers a dynamic approach to patient interaction, with text messaging, voice, and video to deliver an omnichannel experience.
Download our guide to telehealth and the patient experience to learn about:
  • Creating customized, HIPAA-compliant communications solutions quickly and easily with SignalWire
  • Real-world use cases highlighting the effectiveness of omnichannel healthcare communications
  • The overall benefits of an omnichannel approach for a better patient experience
Messaging API

Eliminate the risk of no-shows by implementing automated appointment reminders for patients. Leverage toll-free, 10DLC or short codes to enable a better patient experience. SignalWire's high throughput makes it easy to send messages very quickly.

Voice API

Enable high-quality, reliable calling between patients and providers. Create call routing flows with an IVR to ensure patient calls make it to the right provider–the first time.

Video API

Build video conferencing features that scale and give patients and doctors an easy way to communicate. Easily Integrate with your existing apps and phone systems, and maintain <50ms latency while maximizing bandwidth and CPU consumption–all through SignalWire.

A Trusted Provider

SignalWire APIs are designed to help you comply with HIPAA and Protected Health Information requirements (PHI). As a trusted partner, we take our security and privacy practices seriously to help you deliver secure patient experiences.

  • HIPAA - SignalWire APIs conform with HIPAA requirements and we will execute a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Privacy & GDPR - SignalWire complies with current EQ requirements by offering a Data Processing Agreement tied to Standard Contractual Clauses

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