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Internet of Things | SignalWire

Software-Defined Telecom in IoT

Adding software-defined telecom to your IoT application extends the reach to users who may not be in a position to monitor, control, or access data from a web browser or mobile app. Unlock the untapped potential in your application.

Real-time Alerts

Our APIs make it easy to provide real-time notifications for your IoT application either via voice or SMS. You can include rich data from your application, including images sent as MMS or more detailed voice descriptions for real-time responses even when users are not in front of a console.

Remote Device Control

You can enable command interfaces via IVR, natural language, or text messages for remote control of your IoT devices in real-time from anywhere. When combined with alerting, the ability to accept commands in real-time enables powerful incident response strategies from anywhere.

Remote Data Access

Enable your users to query the devices for status or data on demand via voice or text interface. Remote voice or text control is excellent for field applications where the users do not have reliable Internet access.

Deployable at the Network Edge

Our infrastructure is designed to run on any commodity hardware and compute. While the core of our network is built using our own private data centers and the public cloud, we can discuss extending nodes to your network edge for far-flung applications.

Build with the best.

Enable your IoT applications with remote access on the only platform designed by the original geeks of software-defined telecom.

  • Easy-to-use and advanced APIs
  • Scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure
  • Deployable to the network edge
  • Expert developer and community support
  • Disruptive pricing

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