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The Online Learning Crisis

The problem with virtual classrooms and how to fix it.

How can we use technology to improve online learning? One strategy is to do a better job mimicking a classroom environment. Many of the video conferencing solutions schools are using lack security or only show the lecturer and the last four students who spoke. Can you blame students for zoning out? Socializing is an important part of any learning environment. Having a rapport with peers helps students hold themselves accountable and gives them a higher stake in their learning. So how do we incorporate peer learning when nobody can get within 6 feet of each other?

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Sh*t People who Work from Home Say

A story told in GIFS

Working from home is the same as working in an office...except for when it's not. If you're working remote, you'll recognize these quirks unique to the working from anywhere experience.

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How to keep your team engaged during conference calls

The ins and outs of managing a remote team

At SignalWire, we’ve been 100% work from anywhere since our conception. In fact, our founder and CEO, Anthony Minessale, has been leading remote teams for over 15 years. Over the years, we’ve picked up more than a few tricks on how to make remote work smooth and efficient. Below are some foolproof ways to keep your remote meetings engaging.

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Telehealth: Growing fast to Skyrocketing

How video conferencing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine, especially now, is avoiding any in person contact. It is much safer to communicate symptoms over a video conference than to risk infecting doctors and other patients. This way, potential carriers don’t spread the virus throughout the entire waiting room and healthier patients won’t catch anything contagious.

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Our Experience Working from Home

How our team feels about working from anywhere

We at SignalWire have banded together to share our personal experiences with working from home. We hope to lead by example and show that remote work is more than possible, and while a bit intimidating, can open up more opportunities than traditional offices.

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Working Remote: from experiment to trend

What we've learned from 15 years of experience in working from anywhere

The world is complicated. It always has been. Our lives don’t fit into the classic 9-5 narrative and people are starting to catch on to the “work from anywhere” model in a big way. Some people want to prioritize family, others want to travel. Some communities are struck by natural disasters and entire towns are being quarantined because of outbreaks like Coronavirus.

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