DCA? CSP? TCR? How to speak 10DLC

Your Guide To the Acronyms of 10DLC & The Campaign Registry

You won’t have to spend much time in the world of 10DLC Messaging before you hear an acronym dropped into an email or conversation. In this article we aim to not only decode those confusing acronyms - but also explain what each one means in the 10DLC process.

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Don't just "write documentation"

Is your documentation up-to-date? Are you showing the right amount of content? Are you providing the most useful resources?

Writing excellent documentation is difficult. That's why we have collected here some of the questions that we think you should ask yourself when documenting your APIs. We are going to review the most important issues to keep in mind, and we are going to do that not through subjective "best practices", but with suggestions that are scientifically grounded.

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Seven ways to Step Up your Team Building

Get creative with virtual events for your team

At this point, we’ve all (mostly) gotten used to virtual team meetings. But once you’re settled into your virtual office, it’s important to have fun too! Just because you’re not together in a physical building doesn’t mean you can’t have unique team gatherings that are entirely for fun. Your employees work hard and so do you - we all need to have some fun to keep up morale and foster company culture in a remote work environment. Here are a few ideas for how to create a virtual event for your team that will be a lot more fun than a typical, everyday meeting. It’s important to be devoted to connecting your team when you’re all dispersed! And SignalWire Work is the perfect video conferencing platform to make all kinds of creative events possible.

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Why SMS Marketing Elevates your Business

Integrating SMS into your marketing strategy creates more meaningful interactions with customers

Technology is always evolving and so is the way we interact with our customers. SMS is a disruptive technique that offers more effective interactions with your audience.

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How SignalWire Work Combats Zoom Fatigue

Could switching video conferencing platforms help you defeat Zoom fatigue?

One of the main goals of SignalWire Work is to create a culture where people feel comfortable working remotely how they “normally” would in-person. This means getting up and moving around if you want to, even if you’re on camera, not feeling the need to constantly use a fancy virtual background, and generally feeling relaxed popping in and out of meetings and offices throughout the day instead of planning each and every interaction as a big meeting. The platform is designed to nurture this kind of culture using its free-form communication style.

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The Online Learning Crisis

The problem with virtual classrooms and how to fix it.

How can we use technology to improve online learning? One strategy is to do a better job mimicking a classroom environment. Many of the video conferencing solutions schools are using lack security or only show the lecturer and the last four students who spoke. Can you blame students for zoning out? Socializing is an important part of any learning environment. Having a rapport with peers helps students hold themselves accountable and gives them a higher stake in their learning. So how do we incorporate peer learning when nobody can get within 6 feet of each other?

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Sh*t People who Work from Home Say

A story told in GIFS

Working from home is the same as working in an office...except for when it's not. If you're working remote, you'll recognize these quirks unique to the working from anywhere experience.

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