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A scalable, carrier-grade platform trusted by over 5,000 commercial enterprises worldwide.

Rich Protocol Support

FreeSWITCH Advantage includes full support for SIP compliance across all transports - UDP, TCP, SCTP and TLS. It can act as a Session Border Controller (SBC). SIMPLE support enables it to gateway to other chat protocols.


For use with WebRTC built into modern browsers, FreeSWITCH Advantage can be used as an application server, a gateway, or both. It can provide native services to the browser without a gateway and act as a gateway to SIP applications, legacy systems, and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Advanced Telephony

In addition to built-in IP/PBX features, FreeSWITCH Advantage includes Support for text-to-speech. automatic speech recognition, call recording, voice mail, conferencing, fax, and more.

Integrated Video MCU

Video conferencing features are integrated into FreeSWITCH Advantage, including higher-level functions such as customizable video layouts, video superimposing, screen sharing, and mixed protocol conferences (SIP, WebRTC, PSTN, etc.)

Make the most of Software-Defined Telecom

With the latest code and our expert support, you can accelerate your innovation based on software-defined telecom.

Service Overview

  • Commercially supported code branch
  • Optimized Debian environment including required libraries
  • Architectural and design support
  • Deployment assistance
  • Priority bug fixes
  • Custom development for additional features available (additional fees apply)
Unrivaled Support

Get help from the core engineering team that wrote the code. Tap the expertise of the original geeks of software-defined telecom.

Powering Call Centers

Both on-premises and cloud-based PBX and call center offerings use FreeSWITCH Advantage as their underlying platform.

High-Capacity Switching

Service providers currently use FreeSWITCH Advantage for high-capacity switching in telephony and IoT applications.

Mission-Critical Industries

FreeSWITCH Advantage is used for many industry-specific uses such as routing emergency calls to medical professionals.

Cost Effective

With plans starting at $5K per month, with a minimum one-year commitment, get started with FreeSWITCH Advantage for less than the cost of one engineer.

Customizable Plans

Pay only for the modules that you're using. Optional modules include WebRTC, fax, conference, event socket, Google (Dialogflow, ASR. TTS). Watson, Polly,  G.729 codec, and more.

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