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There’s a lot riding on a customer’s initial interactions with your business: according to 83% of consumers, good customer service can turn one-time buyers into long-term customers. On the flipside, more than one negative experience will lead 80% of consumers to do business with a competitor.

If someone is calling your company for support, an inefficient Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can quickly devolve into a multitude of poor experiences. When a caller can’t get the answers they need or access a representative to speak with, they could hang up or try a competitor instead.

SignalWire recognizes the role of a well-designed IVR in fostering positive customer interactions. That’s why we made Call Flow Builder: an intuitive visual interface designed to effortlessly create and maintain up-to-date call flows that can do more than traditional IVRs.

What is Call Flow Builder?

SignalWire's Call Flow Builder is a drag-and-drop interface for designing call flows. Within Call Flow Builder’s UI, you can visually map out your own IVR by connecting various functions like text-to-speech prompts, call forwarding to different phone lines, or even handing over the call to an AI Agent.


More Than a Phone Tree

This innovative tool simplifies the creation and management of call flows, offering a no-code solution for adding programmable logic to voice applications. With its user-friendly interface, developers (and non-developers) of all skill levels can effortlessly navigate and implement advanced call scenarios that are more complex than an IVR.

Typically, when you think of an IVR, you might think of a recorded message answering the phone and telling you to press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc. This is meant to direct callers to the appropriate department or agent, minimizing wait times when sorting incoming calls, streamlining the interaction, and leaving a positive first impression.

Of course, we all know this isn’t always the case. Who hasn’t struggled with an IVR that won’t connect you with a human, doesn’t understand your question, or mishears what you say and gives you the wrong information (or worse… hangs up on you)? It’s no surprise that a negative experience with an IVR could lead to missed business opportunities.

A well-structured IVR isn’t just a navigational tool; it's a strategic asset that contributes to overall customer engagement and satisfaction. SignalWire’s Call Flow Builder can help you get an accurate and easy-to-update IVR up and running as fast as possible. Integrations with AI tools and backend CRM systems allow for more powerful capabilities than a simple IVR alone.

How Does Call Flow Builder Work?

Call Flow Builder offers a visual UI for quick and effortless call process management. Its advanced versioning capabilities enable you to create and test various configurations with ease. This ensures seamless changes to call flows with minimal operational downtime.

For more complex configurations, you can enhance call flows by integrating external APIs or by using SignalWire Markup Language (SWML). Veteran developers can leverage this environment for rapid prototyping and robust iteration, and extend functionality of IVRs by connecting with external APIs or CRMs.

Advantages of Call Flow Builder

Call Flow Builder’s user-friendly interface, advanced capabilities, and integrations make it a valuable tool for businesses striving to quickly provide exceptional customer service from the first interaction.

Call Flow Builder goes beyond conventional IVR solutions, offering a simple-to-use interface that allows for anyone to build their own IVR, while also offering developers programmability and further customization. There are a few perks to mapping out call flows in Call Flow Builder instead of coding one from scratch:

Reduced bugs and errors

The visual UI makes it easy to identify and resolve errors seamlessly, streamlining troubleshooting efforts and ensuring a smooth customer journey. No more sifting through hundreds of lines of code to find one error.

Fast deployment

With an easy-to-use visual interface, deployment and updates to call flows are executed rapidly, reducing time-to-market and ensuring your IVR remains up-to-date at all times. Add new phone numbers or functions with ease.

Custom communications at scale

Flexible call routing options ensure efficient call distribution among live agents. Calls can also be dynamically routed based on customer data like geographic location, past interactions, or purchase history.

Integrating Call Flows with AI

You can extend the functionality of your IVR by connecting external APIs, CRMs, or AI agents.

An AI agent further improves your IVR beyond what simple text-to-speech prompts can do. The power of AI allows for natural conversation between the agent and the caller. The caller can ask the AI agent specific questions to be routed to the correct department, without having to hit specific keywords or numbers to be transferred properly.

AI agents are another low-code solution that can be built in a drag-and-drop interface or with SWML. AI agents improve customer support with the ability to record and transfer calls, and even provide basic troubleshooting for callers. This requires no additional coding, only plain-text instructions.

The powerful combination of SignalWire Call Flow Builder and SignalWire AI Agent not only simplifies the creation of IVRs, but also enhances the overall customer service experience. The low-code interfaces are valuable tools for anyone striving to provide exceptional customer service from the first interaction.

Elevate Customer Service with SignalWire

By simplifying the creation and management of call flows and offering advanced capabilities, Call Flow Builder ensures that the first impression your customers have is not only positive, but sets the stage for long-term brand loyalty. With a simple visual interface, you can build something better than an IVR with minimal time and effort.

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