Making Hard Things Easy is Hard

Keeping up with an Industry you helped create "after its cool" while still pushing forward

Working in the same industry for so many years has taught me a lot. It has also inspired me to push the envelope to the best of my abilities. One struggle along the way has been the wave of "me too" that happens when a business or industry finally seems like a good idea. I am not talking about the "me too" that comes with a hashtag, I am talking about companies who feel left out or deserving of getting on the bandwagon for something that is seemingly popular. I have witnessed this in many places and in many other industries besides my own, which is telecommunications btw.

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Collaborate from Anywhere with SignalWire Work

How Software Defined Telecom Elevates the Virtual Office Expereince

The key to the SignalWire vision is that we want to simplify communications with Software-Defined Telecom. We have been working on that mission tirelessly for years. The more we grow the more our own real-life experiences help make it clear how we have to design our products and services and that is exactly how SignalWire Work was born.

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A Decade in Review

The ten year journey that brought us Software-Defined Telecom

SignalWire was only opened to the public in 2018, so it’s a tiny part of this 10-year story, but it is the culmination of all of the experiences that made it possible. Many of the ideas I’ve been working on can finally be realized and we can, at last, add Software-Defined Telecom to the list of ways that digital transformation simplifies business and eliminates the need for heavy expensive ancient physical communications technology.

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SignalWire - The Origin of Software-Defined Telecom

A reflection on the tough road we've traveled to simplify telecom and how we are dedicated to democratizing the technology.

In the last 20 years we've made amazing strides in the digital transformation of many things.  One of the last frontiers to be fully realized is the telecommunications industry.  The founders of SignalWire started on this journey even before the company started by laying the groundwork for the technology going back to 2005.

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API in our DNA

Over a decade of innovation in the telecom space.

Reflecting on over 20 years of online technology, I feel there is no more important concept that has emerged than the API.

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