Get to multiparty video before your competitors figure it out

Build original interactive video apps and experiences for hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands without worrying about bandwidth, CPU, or the subtleties of WebRTC at scale.

Design unprecedented multiplayer game mechanics

Create new multiplayer game mechanics around streaming the real-time perspectives of every player. Build them into your games without devouring CPU.

Host video watch parties that foster togetherness

Delight your viewers with integrated video watch parties that make it easy to experience each other's reactions without leaving your app.

Create new forms of interactive entertainment and marketing

Integrate large-scale live events, live sales and auctions, and authentic interactions between performers and fans to forge the next-generation of media and entertainment.

Bring world-class fitness instruction worldwide

Live stream instructors from multiple cameras at the same time, even in low-bandwidth conditions. Integrate machine vision models to give real-time feedback on biomechanics.

Deliver large scale live training from your own website or LMS

Replace barely-functional video conferencing products and deliver live training and webinars to thousands without requiring anyone to download an app.

Simplify clunky legal administration, e-signature, and notary workflows

Create virtual depositions with real-time transcriptions and AI summaries. Streamline doc workflows (like e-signature, e-notary, and video contract reviews) into a single app.

Blur the lines between e-commerce and retail

Add interactive video to e-commerce storefronts and offer more personal and human online shopping experiences that set your brand apart.

Up-level collaboration apps with native video meetings

Stop sending customers to third-party conferencing products. Build native video features that align with your UX and business model and don't break down at scale.

Don't let conventional WebRTC wisdom limit your possibilities

Most approaches to WebRTC video conferencing use a limiting approach called SFU.

The limitations of SFU

SFU devours bandwidth, device CPU, and battery. SFU delivers individual video and audio streams of each participant to every other participant, leaving the work of decoding and rendering the media to the device CPUs. So with 5 participants, every participant receives and decodes 4 video streams. 16 participants? 15 streams. You see where this is going.

SFU struggles with more than 20-50 active participants. While they might support hundreds of passive participants, most SFU approaches cap interactive participants at 17-50. Those that offer more tend not to work in the browser, requiring your customers to download an app. With SFU, this is built into the design.

SFU creates awkward, jumpy transitions between active speakers and unnatural audio effects. Ever been on a Zoom call for someone's birthday when the group sings "Happy Birthday?" Even with 4 people, the video in focus jumps around between singers and only that person's audio comes through. The "Happy Birthday Effect" is a feature, not a bug.

The MCU that makes you the hero

The SignalWire Multiparty Video API uses an MCU to mix all video and audio feeds in the cloud and distribute a single stream back to every participant, saving bandwidth and compute resources on the client-side, minimizing latency to <50ms (in most conditions), and facilitating real time applications of machine vision and natural language processing.

Use it when your team, audience, and brand won't settle for janky.

Large audience, premium production.

Support 500 people per room. Instead of 20 active participants and a few hundred passive spectators, support 500 active video and audio streams in every room...and run hundreds of rooms at the same time.

Flex with 12 pre-built layouts. 3-4 layouts that the end user chooses for themselves may work for basic video calls, but when your audience is large, your brand is premium, and your production values need to reflect both, you'll want more dynamic options.

Modify the stream on the way out. Muxing all video and audio server-side allows you to modify the stream on the way out, run it through machine learning models, and deliver utterly original experiences that align with your brand.

Start building incredible video experiences today.

Choose the Multiparty Video API for live video use cases with 10-10,000 video participants

Execute your most ambitious visions

Our unique cloud multiplexing empowers you to integrate video conferencing rooms for 500 people per room (and hundreds of those at once)...adding audio effects and XR overlays or running real-time NLP and machine vision models...all without consuming all your customers' bandwidth and CPU.

Let us handle the complexity of WebRTC

With our SDKs and APIs, build multiparty video apps that scale, traverse firewalls, work across browsers, smartphones, and (eventually) XR devices and integrate with your existing stack...all while minimizing latency, bandwidth and CPU consumption and maximizing audio and video quality across diverse network conditions and devices...without worrying about any of that yourself.

Deliver more natural virtual experiences

With the SignalWire MCU, every participant experiences the same video and audio, avoiding the audio clipping, high latency, and jumpy video transitions between active speakers that muddy your UX.

Expand with native chat

Coming Soon

With the Chat API, add basic 1:1 and group chat features to video rooms without adding another API to the stack.

  • 1:1 and group chat
  • Send messages, emojis, and files
  • Automatic 7 day message retention.
  • Server side access controls for users and devices.
  • Real-time events when messages are received

Integrate with old-school telecom

Coming Soon

Native TDM integration means your video conferencing rooms can extend an existing telecom stack, conference in voice callers via SIP, dial out to old-school phone numbers, and send SMS invites with links to join the room.

Start with an SDK or a single snippet of code

Customize everything precisely as you wish with our SDKs or ship a basic video conferencing feature with Embeddable Rooms.

Native SDKs for precision customization

Precisely craft every aspect of your multiparty video products with our Javascript, Node, and React SDKs

Or get started with a snippet of code

Embed video conference rooms for moderators and guests into any webpage in minutes.

Pay-as-you-grow pricing

100% of features available with no upfront fees or subscriptions required.

Multiparty Video API Pricing

Rates are per-minute, per-participant.

First 25k$0.0045$0.0050
Next 75k$0.0044$0.0049
Above 100k$0.0043$0.0048

Start building incredible video experiences today.