High-performance video made simple.

Add cloud-rendered, fully programmable, high-quality, and low-latency video conferencing with hundreds of participants to your web and mobile applications.

Incredible experiences. Incredibly easy.

  • SignalWire makes adding video functionality to any application or website easy for developers of all skill sets.

  • Add simple chat to your website in minutes, or integrate multi-party video conferencing with easy-to-use APIs.

  • Build and deploy in hours or days, not weeks or months.

  • Create any video experience you can imagine with our exclusive cloud-rendered technology.

Better performance.
Less bandwidth.

  • Other video conferencing tech sends individual audio and video streams for each user and combines them on each user's device, consuming excess bandwidth and compute resources, and limiting video quality.
  • Exclusive SignalWire video technology requires only a single audio and video stream from each user and offloads compute resources to distributed cloud nodes.
  • Video quality is better, and the user experience is seamless and scalable from 1 to 1 chat to conferences with hundreds of participants.

Flexible. Scalable. Customizable.

  • Cloud video processing gives developers unrivaled flexibility and control over all aspects of the user experience.

  • Customize video layouts and transitions, include pre-produced audio and video content or live streams from other services.

  • Render the video canvas at different screen sizes for different devices or platforms without code.

  • Create video applications that are simply not possible with any other video technology.

Build and deploy in hours, not months.

Built for application developers of all skill-sets, our APIs and SDKs take the complexity out of adding real-time video to any application.

Advanced APIs

Our APIs abstract away the details of call setup, including WebRTC signaling, authentication, and directory management. Focus on how you want to use video, we've handled the details to make sure it works right.

Platform Support

We offer API support for video calling for mobile, desktop, and Web clients across a number of leading development environments, including React Native, Electron, and even plain JavaScript.

Firewall Traversal

Unlike traditional peer-to-peer video communications, our cloud infrastructure transparently provides the necessary technologies to enable use with corporate network configurations, enabling either NAT traversal or the ability to "meet" in the cloud when necessary.

On-Demand and Elastic

Don't worry about setting up your own servers to negotiate video signaling, firewall traversal, or any of the ancillary services required for video communications. Our APIs and elastic cloud make it easy to access video services as-needed and pay-as-you-go.

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