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Excellent Onboarding Experience Made Switching from… | SignalWire

Excellent Onboarding Experience Made Switching from Twilio to SignalWire Easy

Case Study: zoomMediaPlus

There’s no magic about what Twilio was doing - spending two hours switching to SignalWire was a no brainer.”

-Mauricio Sastre, VP of Product zoomMediaPlus


zoomMediaPlus brings together a consumer billing system, established carrier relationships, and technical expertise to power MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) applications. zoomMediaPlus uses SignalWire Voice APIs to connect their client’s customers with these billing systems and operate both in the United States and the United Kingdom, each with different carrier relationships. SignalWire was able to connect Voice communications technology to their applications while maintaining their relationship with existing carriers. zoomMediaPlus has continued using SignalWire Voice APIs since the switch in January 2020 and has been happy with their decision.

About zoomMediaPlus

Zoom Media Plus is a technology company that powers some of the world’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) worldwide. Through a mix of top technology and enterprise-grade services, they reduce the complexity of managing a mobile wireless business, minimizing operational costs and controlling data usage in real-time.

The Challenge

zoomMediaPlus had been frustrated with their previous carrier, Twilio, and the team was facing increased pressure from management to quickly solve their issues. After Twilio failed to help solve these issues, they decided it was time to switch to a new provider.

zoomMediaPlus had previous relationships with a few carriers in the United States and the United Kingdom and it was important that their new provider helped maintain their relationships with existing carriers.

It was imperative that these changes happened quickly and that the integration process was as smooth as possible.

The Solution

zoomMediaPlus was able to quickly switch from Twilio to SignalWire with the help of the onboarding team at SignalWire. The team swiftly answered all of their questions with technical expertise and ensured there were no issues throughout the transition.

The engineering team at SignalWire completed the difficult task of connecting to zoomMediaPlus’s different carriers quickly and easily because of their technical knowledge and industry connections.

The SignalWire customer success team was able to assist zoomMediaPlus throughout the entire integration with a dedicated Slack channel offering quick responses to technical questions, as well as a weekly call with zoomMediaPlus until they were successfully live.


Excellent Onboarding

The customer success team at SignalWire offered technical expertise that made transitioning providers seamless.

Fast Response Times

zoomMediaPlus was able to get answers to their questions quickly in a channel dedicated to their use case.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

zoomMediaPlus was able to maintain relationships with their international carriers.

“Connecting to different carriers is complicated, but SignalWire’s team of industry experts makes BYOC easy,”

-Mauricio Sastre, VP of Product zoomMediaPlus

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