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Multi-Factor Authentication | SignalWire

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enabling MFA provides a higher level of security where users have to provide their password as well as a One-Time Password sent via SMS to their mobile phones, to access their account. With SignalWire Multi-Factor Authentication API, it is easy to add that layer of security to both new and existing applications, regardless of language or platform.

Additional Security

  • Eliminate the cumbersome tasks of providing the scaffolding for user management and identity verification when adding two-factor authentication to your applications.
  • Enable MFA for users with ease and without making any changes to the application logic or database structure.
  • Sending One-Time Passwords (OTPs) helps reduce fake accounts and spam by ensuring that only users with verified phone numbers can log in.

Voice or Messaging

  • The SignalWire Multi-Factor Authentication API allows you to choose between voice or SMS for each authentication request.
  • Give your customers a choice to receive the one-time password (OTP) via voice or text message.

Worldwide Coverage

  • The SignalWire Elastic Cloud Network is available in all countries to ensure continuous and uninterrupted access from around the world.
  • Your application will be accessible to users in every country, causing no disruptions and providing a seamless experience.

Seamless Migration

  • SignalWire Communication APIs are backward compatible with other industry APIs for voice and messaging.
  • Migrating existing applications will not cause any interference and will continue to work without any changes.
  • On the SignalWire platform, your application will automatically benefit from improved voice clarity and reduced latency, enhancing the experience for your users.

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