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PhoneLiveStreaming uses SignalWire Voice APIs to connect isolated communities with live events

Case study: PhoneLiveStreaming

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

“I was able to develop and ship the first version of PhoneLiveStreaming within 6 hours. Within 24 hours customers were signing up and using it.”

-David Plappert, Founder at PhoneLiveStreaming


PhoneLiveStreaming provides isolated communities with live audio from church and government events over the phone. SignalWire offers dedicated phone numbers for each of PhoneLiveStreaming’s customers and handles the outbound and inbound calling so that people can easily call in and listen to live events. PhoneLiveStreaming was built and able to launch within 24 hours and has seamlessly scaled to using 2.5 million minutes a month.

About PhoneLiveStreaming

PhoneLiveStreaming was started to reach eldery and rural communities who could otherwise not participate in church services due to poor internet access. PhoneLiveStreaming connects these isolated communities to live streams of church and government events using traditional telephony. They then send audio to PhoneLiveStreaming who encode it and make it available on a dedicated phone number. “Live Notifications'' automatically call subscribed users whenever a live stream starts or they can simply call to listen in. While streaming, PhoneLiveStreaming records automatically, allowing users to call in after the fact and listen to the most recent event.

The Challenge

PhoneLiveStreaming’s goal was to include everyone in church and government proceedings so that no person was left behind. They found that rural areas and the elderly community were often left out of live events because of their lack of internet access or technical knowledge. The challenge was to build a product that could help isolated communities easily participate in live streamed events.

The Solution

PhoneLiveStreaming uses dedicated SignalWire phone numbers to connect isolated communities to live events. Each of their customers, churches and local governments, have a unique phone number that makes it easy for their communities to call in and listen to live streams.

SignalWire also provides inbound and outbound calling with high quality audio so that these communities can receive calls when a stream starts or call in at their own convenience. 

SignalWire provided PhoneLiveStreaming with the necessary tools and APIs to build and launch their product within 24 hours. They have been able to seamlessly scale from 0 to 2.5 minutes minutes a month as the company grows.

“Using that same [original] code base, we push almost 2.5 million minutes a month through SignalWire. It’s very scalable and very easy to do proof of concept and implementation in it.”

-David Plappert, Founder at PhoneLiveStreaming


  • Dedicated Phone numbers
    • SignalWire provides each of PhoneLiveStreaming’s customers with a dedicated phone number so they can easily reach their congregations and communities.

  • Live Streaming
    • From PhoneLiveStreaming's encoders, Quality audio is streamed live over the phone and recorded so communities can listen in after the fact.

  • Inbound and outbound calling
    • SignalWire handles all inbound and outbound calling. Communities can receive live notifications or call in at their convenience.

  • Infinitely scalable
    • SignalWire easily scales as PhoneLiveStreaming’s needs grow.

  • Easy to use
    • SignalWire Voice APIs are so easy to use, PhoneLiveStreaming built and launched their solution in 24 hours.

Learn more about PhoneLiveStreaming here.

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