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SMS Marketing | SignalWire

Better reach and engagement.

Our technology powers the next-generation of customer communications. Augment existing email and in-app communications with text to reach your users anywhere and improve your response rates.

Customer Preferred

On average, all of us check our phones over 80 times per day. Text messaging response rates are 4.5X higher than email. Our APIs and infrastructure let you tap into the power of SMS to reach users on the channel they prefer.

Personalized Messages

SMS remains an important channel to communicate with high-value customers. The high open and response rates of SMS can be used to target high-value, personalized promotions to your most loyal customers. 

App Not Required

SMS enables mobile communications anywhere without requiring users to install, run, or keep a custom application for access to their coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, or receipts. Integrate your mobile app’s cloud backend with our cloud to extend your reach beyond your mobile app.

Connect in Real-Time

Communication becomes quick, personalized, automated, and scalable using SMS and MMS within your marketing strategy. Instantaneous messaging, enables businesses to interact with their customers in real-time, responding to queries quickly, sending product promotions, and providing immediate support.

Build with the best.

Add SMS to any app fast on a platform designed by the original geeks of software-defined telecom.

  • Easy-to-use and advanced APIs
  • Backward compatible with Twilio XML and SDKs
  • Short code and local numbers
  • Expert developer and community support
  • Disruptive pricing

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