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Advanced communications from the source. | SignalWire

Built for Seamless Development and Rapid Scale.

A completely programmable unified communication solution that offers not only unparalleled levels of customization, interoperability, and control, but also allows for immediate deployment and rapid time-to-value.

Truly Integrated

Benefit from the convenience and efficiency of a single interface that seamlessly integrates various communication channels, including voice, video, messaging, and AI.

Completely Customizable

Easily create and arrange diverse communication pathways, seamlessly connecting across channels, devices, and platforms by using basic, mix-and-match elements.

Turnkey Set-Up

Speed up deployment and time-to-value with a platform that enables rapid development and implementation, requiring minimal developer work, onboarding, or training.

Built to Scale

Scale to meet higher volume without compromising reliability, impacting performance, or requiring significant changes to your existing infrastructure.

From FreeSWITCH to Call Fabric

Developed by the same visionary team behind FreeSWITCH, Call Fabric represents the next evolution of the open-source project, extending its core capabilities into a more accessible, interoperable, and versatile cloud native platform. By introducing a horizontally scalable, self-serve communication ecosystem that leverages FreeSWITCH's innate flexibility and stability, Call Fabric delivers a comprehensive solution that simplifies the creation and management of communication pathways. With high-level primitives and APIs, Call Fabric enables users to easily design, deploy, and manage complex workflows, even without deep technical expertise in telephony systems.

Maximize Development Efficiency
Combines the Best of CPaaS, UCaaS, and CCaaS

Call Fabric combines the strengths of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and Contact Center as Service(CCaaS) by providing a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to create customized communication solutions. By offering high-level primitives for building communication pathways on-demand, Call Fabric enables business to rapidly deploy unified communication solutions that are fully programmable and customizable, addressing a wide range of business needs without the complexity typically associated with traditional communications platforms​​.

Rapidly Develop Applications
A Single Unified Development Layer

Call Fabric's unified development layer streamlines the software development process, making it easier and faster to build and deploy applications across various platforms and technologies. As a result, customers improve product quality and time to market while simultaneously reducing complexity and costs.

Increase Extensibility
A Modular Communication Network

Call Fabric's modular communication network enhances scalability and flexibility by allowing individual communication modules to be easily added, removed, or updated without affecting the entire network. This enables customers to craft tailored solutions that can evolve with changing needs and technologies, improving overall network efficiency and adaptability.

Build AI-powered voice, messaging, and video applications in minutes.

AI Agent for Voice:

Your New Digital Employee.

From handling routine inquiries to assisting with internal operations and providing real-time data analysis, our intelligent assistant is your team’s next game-changer. Launch quickly with our user-friendly AI Agent Builder, requiring minimal to no coding expertise.

Voice APIs:

Revolutionize Your Audio Experience

Upgrade and optimize your audio communications effortlessly with our Voice APIs. Seamlessly migrate your existing applications to our platform, enjoying the benefits of advanced voice capabilities designed for both traditional and modern cloud-based systems.

Messaging APIs:

Unmatched Deliverability

Stay connected with your customers around the clock through our reliable SMS and MMS messaging services. Each campaign benefits from the expertise of our dedicated team, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

Multi-Factor Authentication API:

Secure Every Interaction

Bolster the security of your applications with our Multi-Factor Authentication API. This additional verification layer not only mitigates risks but also boosts user trust and compliance across your services.

Video Conferencing APIs:

Seamless Collaboration Anywhere.

Deliver premium production quality to a wider audience using minimal bandwidth and reduced latency. Our APIs include distinctive features that integrate seamlessly with your existing apps and phone systems, ensuring compatibility across browsers and devices.

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