Fresh off the Wire, Apr 2022

RELAY Integration, Advanced Video Conferencing Features, and Support Upgrades

Big changes are coming to RELAY for Messaging and Voice! Here's the news on the anticipated integration plus lots more on Programmable Video Conferences, Messaging Updates, and, as always, new demo applications to help you keep learning and developing with amazing SignalWire products.

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Fresh off the Wire, Mar 2022

Video Conferences, Enhanced Support, Positions, and a New Developer Portal

Here's the rundown of the features, products, guides, and SDK improvements shipped in March. We'll give you a short introduction to the new Video Conferences, a summary of new SignalWire Support options, a look at our redesigned Developer Portal, and more.

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Fresh off the Wire, Feb-Mar

Campaign Registry Updates, Visualizations In Your Space, and Chat Tutorial

Here's the rundown of the features, products, guides, and SDK improvements shipped in February. From the promised tutorial on incorporating the new Chat feature to essential updates on The Campaign Registry to new tools in your SignalWire Space. We'll fill you in on all of the details we've been developing to improve your developer experience.

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SignalWire Operates as a Fully Distributed Company Using their own Virtual Office - Successfully Raises Series B

Case Study: SignalWire

SignalWire has been a fully distributed company since its inception in 2018. They were unsatisfied with the tools that were available so they created their own virtual office that they use on a daily basis. SignalWire Work is a fully operational virtual office that meets the needs of a work from anywhere company. SignalWire Work consists of personalized rooms that are accessed directly from a browser and their unique audio and video technology allows for seamless conversation between its users resulting in excellent communication and collaboration within the company.

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Phoenix Children’s can Communicate with more Patients over Text after Switching to SignalWire Short Codes

Case study: Phoenix Children’s

Phoenix Children’s adopted texting as a more effective way to reach patients and employees rather than having them log in to an application or a patient portal. They use SignalWire SMS to send one-way text messages with important updates such as lab results as well as two-way communication where doctors can text back and forth with patients. After adopting SignalWire short codes in 2019, they have seen a significant increase in their throughput at a price point disruptive enough for the non-profit organization.

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