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The Campaign Registry for A2P 10DLC Messaging

Important updates to the 10-digit long code ecosystem

The Campaign Registry provides Application-to-Person (A2P) 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) messaging campaign registration services. The platform is a single source of information about 10DLC messaging campaigns throughout the U.S., enabling the messaging ecosystem (the MNO’s) to see who sent any given 10DLC message and what they claim to be sending, which can be checked and validated against actual messaging behavior.

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What is SignalWire Work?

Why SignalWire's Virtual Office is different than legacy conference calling

SignalWire Work is a new way to stay connected and collaborate with your office colleagues: a powerful tool that makes working from anywhere possible for a myriad of different companies and career paths. SignalWire Work is more than video conferencing, we created a virtual office that effectively allows any company to transition to working from anywhere in the world without the growing pains

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Stop spoofed robocalls with libstirshaken - a new STIR/SHAKEN library from SignalWire

Using `libstirshaken` to verify caller ID with our new open-source STIR/SHAKEN library

STIR/SHAKEN is VoIP technology that brings an end to robocalling by securing a caller’s identity. This is accomplished with PASSporT - an encryption token transported by SIP Identity Header - and SSL certificates issued to trusted Service Providers, Certificate Authorities and Policy Administrators.

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Update - Verizon A2P 10DLC Messaging

Changes to application-to-person messaging from 10-digit long codes

Verizon Wireless has recently issued a change to their commercial long code and fee structure. Due to high demand, SignalWire has decided to now offer this valuable service to our customers.

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COVID-19 Screening using Dialogflow

Simple integration as an inaugural Dialogflow One-Click Telephony Partner

Using SignalWire's integration with Dialogflow, it is easy to automate call center operations to disseminate COVID-19 information using conversational AI.

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SignalWire & Dialogflow One-Click Telephony

Unprecedented ease-of-use for conversational AI over the phone

Without leaving the native Google Dialogflow interface, you can now provision a SignalWire space and assign SignalWire telephone numbers. It's easier than ever to create conversational AI interfaces over the telephone.

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Bringing Conversational AI Interfaces to Your Telephone IVR

Using Google Dialogflow to eliminate hierarchical phone trees

While we're all familiar with how voice interfaces can work for devices like Google Home, SignalWire now enables you to create conversational AI interfaces over the phone using its integration with Google Dialogflow.

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Robotalker Customer Testimonial: Outstanding support makes it easy to switch to SignalWire

Switching from Twilio to SignalWire has never been easier

SignalWire’s OUTSTANDING customer support has made our job of providing solutions to clients so much easier. With other providers, we’ve had to wait 48 hours to speak with agents who had difficulty communicating with us and took days to figure out our problem. Now we have the ability to pick up the phone and speak directly with our dedicated SignalWire agent to get answers immediately.

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