Voice and Video Calls in a Web Browser with RELAY
The SignalWire RELAY WebRTC JavaScript library is here!

We are very excited to share with all of our customers the new RELAY for Web Browser Library. This new library from SignalWire will enable voice and video calls between endpoints on the SignalWire network and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Series: Building an Advanced Communications System
Part 1 - The tools you need to build your own business communications system with SignalWire CLOUD

In this three-part series, we will discuss the benefits of setting up your own cloud communications system and take you through a demo system we built on SignalWire to show you exactly how to build it yourself.

Roadmap Insights | Q1 & Q2 2019
It’s been a while since our last Roadmap Insights, and boy have we been busy.

Q1 2019 was a banner quarter with a great many new customers finding value in what SignalWire is helping them build. We shipped several new features previously posted on the product blog

SignalWire RELAY | WebRTC with SIP over WebSockets
WebRTC with DTLS, ICE, SIP over WebSockets. Video calls in a browser - it just works with SignalWire.

We are proudly supporting industry standard WebRTC SIP over WebSockets. This means you can use off-the-shelf JS libraries + SIP to connect SignalWire services.

SignalWire RELAY | Call Control for NodeJS
Real-time Communications that don’t REST

RELAY is the next evolution in real-time communication APIs. Relay is a new real-time web service protocol that provides for persistent, asynchronous connections to the SignalWire network.

  • SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.3
    The most powerful communications framework keeps getting stronger.

    The most feature-rich and widely-deployed communications framework in the world just got a little bit better.

  • The Future of Morse Code
    Reach out to 838-66-MORSE

    SignalWire is proud to announce the release of a new TTS voice - Morse Code

  • Verified Caller ID & Local Number Portability
    Your existing business phone number is programmable with SignalWire

    SignalWire is now offering a verification process where you can use your own numbers to make outbound voice calls without porting your number to SignalWire.

  • SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.2
    What's new in release 20.19.2

    The most feature-rich and widely-deployed communications platform in the world just got a little bit better.

  • Message Pools Have Arrived
    Create new Message Pools to leverage multiple numbers in your text campaigns

    We tend to listen to our customers and when they tell us they really need something to make their use of the SignalWire platform more efficient, we do our best to deliver. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Message Pools.

  • Engage Compression
    Pushing more voice through the pipe with G.729

    G.729 is sometimes preferred over other voice codecs due to its ability to compress media (voice in this case) up to 8x more than the other codecs that are typically used in VOIP applications.

  • Programmable Fax in 2019
    Fax in Cloud Communications

    Talking about fax in 2019 reminds me of a skit; “I’m not dead yet!” from one of my favorite comedic groups.

  • Programmable SIP - Connectivity and Routing
    How to add VoIP features to your applications and use SignalWire to route calls to SIP endpoints.

    SIP connectivity (SIP Trunking) and routing allows companies and developers to build out solutions on SignalWire that include SIP endpoints in addition to regular business and mobile phone numbers.

  • Building What's Next in Communications
    SignalWire Product Roadmap Insights

    After hearing the founders share their vision and seeing the progress being made, it was clear that SignalWire was going to have a positively impactful effect on the entire industry. It was also clear that we all wanted the same thing - to build the most innovative development tools of our time and truly empower developers.