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Digital Employee | SignalWire

Developers, We Made this Just for You.

You’re busy, we get it, but we also know you’ve been cooking up the ideal version of your project, so why settle for “good enough?”

SignalWire’s platform is designed for developers. We are handing you the power to stitch together communication pathways with unprecedented ease. Whether it's integrating voice, video, or messaging into your apps, or conjuring up immersive experiences that captivate your users, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. So, let’s turn the dial up on what you thought was possible.

'Good Enough' Is for Other People's Projects

Programmable Unified Communications (PUC) supplants one-size-fits-all solutions; rather than spending more time than you planned frankenstein-ing a solution together, or dealing with the shortcomings of an out of the box solution, you now have access to all the tools you need to create the perfect communications solution for your users.

Turnkey AI

SignalWire is a turnkey solution for AI Voice development, which means scalability, low latency, and seamless integration with your existing logic.

By adopting a framework that allows you to build once and scale instantly, you're equipped with a powerful tool that can effortlessly grow alongside your business. This approach eradicates the need for repetitive, granular adjustments each time your requirements expand or change. Low latency ensures that your bot responds swiftly and efficiently, providing a smooth and engaging user experience that mirrors real-time interaction.

Build a Digital Employee for Any Use Case

Restaurant Reservation System

Bobby’s Table is a live, functional, demo of SignalWire's AI Agent applied to restaurant reservations. The project dives into building a digital employee to take reservations based on a caller’s input and integrates multi-factor authentication (MFA) and AI to create a smarter and more efficient way of handling reservations.

The same tools used for can be leveraged across various applications, demonstrating the platform's potential to innovate beyond conventional use cases.

Try it for yourself and call 1 (754) 43-BOBBY

Bobby's Table Digital Employee

24/7 Customer Service

In this functional demo, you can build a digital employee who is available 24/7 to handle all your HVAC service requests with human-like efficiency and precision. Whether scheduling urgent appointments outside of business hours, gathering essential service details, or verifying addresses, your AI bot ensures that customer needs are met promptly and accurately.

HVAC Customer Service Digital Employee

Tier 1 Support Bot

Follow this step-by-step guide and build your own AI Tier 1 Support Digital Employee, designed to streamline customer interactions for a cable company. This digital assistant, equipped with a witty personality, offers a range of functionalities including modem diagnostics, speed testing, and customer verification. Your bot can also schedule appointments, verify service addresses, and swap modems as needed. The system operates with procedures to verify customer details and provide comprehensive service diagnostics, enhancing the customer support experience by being available beyond standard business hours and handling requests with both accuracy and a touch of humor.

Zen digital Employee

AI Room Service

This AI example is a digital assistant designed for use in hotels and hospitals, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of room service orders. This bot interfaces with a menu inventory database to facilitate the creation of room service orders. The bot leverages an advanced metadata framework within its AI Agent to revolutionize how data is managed, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and user interaction quality. By structuring crucial data such as menu details, SKUs, and pricing within metadata tables, Roomie Serve minimizes SQL latency and reliance on direct database queries.

Roomie Serve Digital Employee

Build a Weather Bot

This project showcases how you can build a digital employee to provide real-time weather updates based on a caller’s location. Leveraging SignalWire’s SWML and advanced AI capabilities, the Weather Bot exemplifies how easily developers can implement complex interactions and automate responses, offering a glimpse into the seamless integration and customization possible on our platform.

Weather Bot Digital Employee

Interactive SMS E-Cards

This serverless demonstration allows customers to send SMS e-cards directly to a recipient's phone. Flo presents users with four distinct flower options to choose from, each capable of being accompanied by a personalized message and a corresponding AI-generated image URL for a visual touch. Once a selection is made, the chosen flower image along with the custom message is sent as an e-card via SMS, making the gifting process both personal and instant.

Flo's Flowers Digital Employee
  • "SignalWire is really easy. The first day I used the API I was surprised like - woah - I’m done already? It’s so easy to use."

    Francis Tanguay IT Director CAUCA

Community and Support

The Repository

You found the good stuff! In this Github repository, you can access the full prompt powering the AI, along with all the functions written in Perl. In addition to what is included in this repository, you will also need a web server (like NGINX), a database (like PostgreSQL), SignalWire's MFA API, and an approved campaign for SMS.


Video Walkthrough With Len

Who’s Len? Len is a top Support Engineer here at SignalWire and loves long walks on the beach. Oh, and he’s here to walk you through building your own Bobby’s Table digital employee step by step.

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Community and Support

Have any questions? Good! That means you’re one step closer to building out your perfect solution.

We have a bucket of resources for you to get started with, starting with our all star support team and robust community of experts on slack who love to answer questions.

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