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Prebuilt Video API | SignalWire

Launch real time apps without reinventing the video conference.

The only WebRTC video product for developers that hits the sweet spot between "low-code," and "highly-custom."

Ship Video Conferences In 3 Minutes Flat

Create and configure a prebuilt video room with the standard conferencing features and UI, toggle the colors to match your brand, and embed it into any webpage or Javascript app. All in 3 minutes, no new code required.

Low Code AND Your Code

Us: Video conferences that just work on any webpage or Javascript app with a single snippet of code. You: CRM, CMS, LMS, and e-Commerce integrations. Pay gates. Click-to-video-call widgets + lead-gen forms. Real time machine vision and NLU models. Together: Let's find out.

Embeddable, Programmable, Extensible

Ever thought: "What if I could embed Zoom into my app and then build new products around it?" Then you tried Zoom's developer tools and it didn't go as planned? Call off the search. You just found SignalWire.

3x Interactive Participants, 20% bandwidth

Our unique "server side mixing" unifies up to 300 video and audio streams in the cloud and distributes a single stream back to every participant. The upshot? 50-80% less bandwidth and CPU consumption on the client-side + <50ms round-trip latency = none of the laggy video and audio you see with Zoom, Meet, and MS Teams.

Choose SignalWire when your team, product, and brand won't settle for janky.

2-300 participants per room

Instead of 20 active participants and a few hundred passive spectators, support 300 active video and audio streams in every room...and run hundreds of rooms at the same time.

12 pre-built video tile layouts

3-4 prebuilt video layouts may work for basic video calls, simple webinars, and small virtual classrooms. But when your production values need that "premium" vibe, you'll want more granular options. We offer 12 today, on the way to 20.

Got ML?

Sub-50ms round trip latency in your video apps means way more milliseconds available for real time natural language and machine vision models.

    Unified Stream Video Conferencing

    Unified Stream Video Conferencing mixes video and audio in the cloud and delivers a shared experience to every participant, consuming a fraction of the bandwidth and CPU of the standard approach.

    Complexities of WebRTC: handled

    Traverse firewalls. Maintain <50ms round trip latency while minimizing bandwidth and CPU consumption on your customers' devices. Auto adjust bitrates to maximize quality in unpredictable networking conditions. Do it all without worrying about any of that yourself.

    Embedding a Prebuilt Video Room is like planting a magic seed

    Embed them once and watch them sprout powerful new features over time. Little to no new dev work on your part required.

    Built-in chat

    Coming Soon

    The Prebuilt Video API comes with optional built-in chat, offering basic 1:1 and group chat features to video conferences without adding another API to the stack.

    • 1:1 and group chat
    • Send messages, emojis, and files
    • Automatic 7 day message retention.
    • Server side access controls for users and devices.
    • Real-time events when messages are received.

    Native Telecom Integrations

    Coming Soon

    Native SIP and PSTN integration means your video conferencing rooms can extend an existing telecom stack without changing vendors or adding new equipment, conference in voice callers via SIP, dial out to old-school phone numbers, and send SMS invites with links to join the room.

    Pay-as-you-grow pricing

    100% of features available with no upfront fees or subscriptions required.

    Prebuilt Video API Pricing

    Rates are per-minute, per-participant.

    STANDARD (720p)FULL HD (1080p)

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