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Customers Stories | SignalWire

Precision Diagnostics

Precision Diagnostics is a U.S. laboratory that focuses on highly accurate clinical testing. Every January, they host a sales kick-off event with 80 team members from across the country where they go over new strategies, recognize top performers and undergo sales training and team building. These annual sales kick off event is highly anticipated and important to their sales efforts.

A2P 10DLC Campaign Registry Updates

An environment in which there is a high volume of spam messages clearly is bad for customers, Brands, and the mobile industry overall. To answer this market need, U.S.-based MNOs (or wireless carriers) launched The Campaign Registry for A2P 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) in 2020. This is a fully sanctioned service that provides visibility into message sources and content.

Phoenix Children’s can Communicate with more Patients after Switching to SignalWire Short Codes

Phoenix Children’s is a non-profit children’s hospital and one of the largest pediatric healthcare systems in the country, and the most comprehensive children's care facility in the state. They provide inpatient, outpatient, trauma, and emergency care across more than 75 subspecialties. Phoenix Children’s has been utilizing SMS for the past eight years but has switched to using short codes with SignalWire in 2019.

SignalWire Plays Pivotal Role in Increased Subscriber Retention at Robokiller

Robokiller is a mobile application from Teltech that blocks spam calls through proprietary analyzation and filtration systems. The product had been receiving complaints from customers that it was not aggressive enough in its spam blocking so they released Robokiller 5: an upgrade that addressed these concerns by integrating SignalWire voice APIs.

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