FreeSWITCH Users Trust SignalWire APIs to run 9-1-1 Call Center in Canada

Case Study: CAUCA

CACAU uses SignalWire Voice to power their 9-1-1 emergency call center in Quebec, as well as their non-emergency 3-1-1 call center. They also utilize SignalWire for their message alert system, which sends every citizen within a city a prerecorded message from the mayor with important emergency or municipal information. Cauca began using their own platform built with FreeSWITCH but as they grew and required more phone lines to handle the 6,000 calls a day they began using SignalWire knowing it was a platform they could trust.

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Introducing the SignalWire Video SDK

Walking through how to get started with our video API

SignalWire Video is built around our unique MCU component. A Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) receives the media from each participant and mixes it into a resulting video stream that is then sent to each person in the room.

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SignalWire Events helps MKE Tech Hub Coalition Attract Talent to Milwaukee Region

Case Study: MKE Tech Hub Coalition

The Coalition holds large quarterly meetings with their members however, due to the pandemic, this was their first experience hosting a virtual event. In November of 2020, the Coalition hosted their one year anniversary celebration on SignalWire Events. This event brought both members of the organization and the Milwaukee community together to honor their accomplishments and brainstorm plans for the future.

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Growthzilla sees 20% increase in deliverability after switching to SignalWire SMS APIs

Case study: Growthzilla

Growthzilla uses SignalWire to build their SMS tools which include appointment reminders, SMS marketing, appointment confirmation, receipts, and two-factor authentication. After switching from other providers to SignalWire, Growthzilla has seen an 20% increase in their deliverability, which is important as SMS communication is integral to their business model.

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T-Mobile A2P 10DLC Launch & Campaign Registry Update FAQ

Important updates to the 10-digit long code ecosystem

The Campaign Registry provides Application-to-Person (A2P) 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) messaging campaign registration services. The platform is a single source of information about 10DLC messaging campaigns throughout the U.S., enabling the messaging ecosystem (the MNO’s) to see who sent any given 10DLC message and what they claim to be sending, which can be checked and validated against actual messaging behavior.

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