Long-time Open Source Communications Advocate Joins SignalWire
David Duffett sees the future of communications in SignalWire's Revolutionary Cloud Platform

SignalWire, Inc., the Original Geeks of software-defined telecom and creators of a revolutionary cloud communications platform, announced today that David Duffett will be joining the company as Worldwide Community Advocate. In this role, Duffett will be responsible for ensuring the success of developers utilizing SignalWire technology and guiding this community through the transition to cloud-based services that is reshaping the industry.

Shane’s World - Installment 1
RELAY Calling and the 'Consumer' Type

My name is Shane Bryldt, and I have been a software engineer for over 20 years. I am proud to currently be a Senior Software Engineer for SignalWire. Starting with this article, I will be explaining what SignalWire can do, providing examples, and diving into the APIs and features of the platform. I’m also going to be offering my personal engineering insight and ideas on how you can leverage some of the more obscure options you can set.

RELAY: The Next Generation of Communications APIs
A secure, scalable, real-time API for building advanced communications applications.

RELAY is a suite of APIs exposed via our software development kits that you can download and integrate instantly. It provides an easy, secure, and scalable way to do things like send SMS, make phone calls, start video chats and programmatically interact with all SignalWire services.

SignalWire - The Origin of Software-Defined Telecom
A reflection on the tough road we've traveled to simplify telecom and how we are dedicated to democratizing the technology.

In the last 20 years we've made amazing strides in the digital transformation of many things.  One of the last frontiers to be fully realized is the telecommunications industry.  The founders of SignalWire started on this journey even before the company started by laying the groundwork for the technology going back to 2005.

Short Codes Make Their Debut at SignalWire
SignalWire announces short code support, enabling enterprise-grade reliability and highest throughput

SignalWire now enables existing dedicated short codes on our network and will guide our customers in leasing new short codes for use with our services. The power of SignalWire’s APIs can now be coupled with the reliability of short code based A2P messaging, meaning maximum throughput and high deliverability on messaging campaigns.

How to Switch from Twilio to SignalWire
Cut your billio and start building with the Original Geeks of software-defined telecom.

In order to smooth the transition to our advanced cloud platform, we've developed a backward-compatible language that easily allows coders to switch from Twilio to SignalWire: LāML ;) - Legacy Antiquated Markup Language. With LāML, anyone can convert their existing TwiML projects in a matter of seconds.

SignalWire RELAY Mobile SDK
React Native real-time communications toolkits for iOS and Android

We've laid out a sample application and few examples of how SignalWire mobile Software Development Kits and APIs are being used for communications in business.

SignalWire Secures $11.5M Series A Financing Round Led by Storm Ventures
Storm Ventures is joined by Samsung NEXT, AME Cloud Ventures, and a host of SV veterans to fund game-changing cloud communications platform.

SignalWire, Inc., the Original Geeks of software-defined telecommunications and developers of the number one open-source enterprise communication platform, FreeSWITCH®, today announced the closing of an $11.5 million series A funding round.

Series: Building an Advanced Communications System
Part 3: System Configuration for Voice and Messaging, Setting up a Web Browser Client, and Testing the System.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to: Configure your SignalWire phone number, Configure Voice settings, Configure Messaging settings, Create and receive voice calls to and from the PSTN, Create and receive voice calls to and from different browsers, an Create and receive video calls to and from different browsers.

Voice and Video Calls in a Web Browser with RELAY
The SignalWire RELAY WebRTC JavaScript library is here!

We are very excited to share with all of our customers the new RELAY for Web Browser Library. This new library from SignalWire will enable voice and video calls between endpoints on the SignalWire network and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Series: Building an Advanced Communications System
Part 1 - The tools you need to build your own business communications system with SignalWire CLOUD

In this three-part series, we will discuss the benefits of setting up your own cloud communications system and take you through a demo system we built on SignalWire to show you exactly how to build it yourself.

Roadmap Insights | Q1 & Q2 2019
It’s been a while since our last Roadmap Insights, and boy have we been busy.

Q1 2019 was a banner quarter with a great many new customers finding value in what SignalWire is helping them build. We shipped several new features previously posted on the product blog

API in our DNA
Over a decade of innovation in the telecom space.

Reflecting on over 20 years of online technology, I feel there is no more important concept that has emerged than the API.