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Voice API | SignalWire

Build Next Generation Voice

Build the next generation of voice communications. Our developer-friendly APIs and SDKs allow you to create whatever you can imagine. From speech recognition to call recordings to IVRs, build it better on our advanced cloud platform.

High Fidelity + Lowest Latency = Outstanding User Experience

  • Unmatched voice quality with Hi-Fi Voice technology means no more distortions, crackling voices, or users sounding like they are overseas.

  • Lowest-latency voice response in the industry results in no delays in voice communication that disrupt the flow of a conversation.

  • Deliver a natural experience to the end user as if they were face-to-face.

Quick to set up. Easy to deploy. Simple to scale.

  • Migrate existing applications built on competitors in minutes with minimal code changes.

  • Our advanced APIs and elastic cloud infrastructure make it a breeze to build modern and powerful voice applications using traditional telephony or cloud capabilities.

  • Grow as you go - we handle complicated backend telephony logic so your traffic can automatically increase and decrease as needed.

Support you can count on.

  • We are the Original Geeks (O.G.) of software-defined telecom - developers of the #1 open-source communications platform in the world, and we're here to help.
  • Our reference apps, developer tools, and documentation provide you with the support you need to get started.

  • Get knowledgeable support from our team of developers and tech experts. Our US-based support team is available 24/7. We respond to and resolve issues quickly.

Think Outside the Box.

Off-the-shelf solutions lack the customization and innovation features your app demands. Don’t settle for anything but the best, build it the right way–the first time.

E911 Service

Tie an address to a VoIP number so that SignalWire can report your location to the receiver.


Process language into the text to analyze calls in real time or trigger actions based on vocal commands.


Convert written text into AI voice so that you can communicate with users without the use of pre-recorded audio files.

Call Recording API

Record one or multiple calls, pause and resume recording in real-time.

Record participants' audio individually or on the same channel.

Call Recording Transcription

Transcribe calls into plain text so that you can review the content later on or analyze for patterns.

Audio <Stream> / Tap

Send raw audio streams from a phone call, in real-time, to any specified URL.

Answering Machine Detection

Detect when a call has been picked up by an answering machine so that you can customize your application’s response.

Save time and money by avoiding voicemails and disconnected lines.

Build your App the SignalWire Way

Bring voice, messaging, and video together to create a unified communication experience for your users. Built by the world’s top telephony engineers, our products aren’t just built–they are designed for developers. Our code doesn’t require you to hack things together, our proprietary code was built, by us, to work together so you can create innovative applications in infinite ways.

Build what's next.

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