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Growthzilla sees 20% increase in deliverability after… | SignalWire

Growthzilla sees 20% increase in deliverability after switching to SignalWire SMS APIs

Case study: Growthzilla

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

Scalable: 100,000 text messages sent per month

Deliverability: 20% increase in deliverability after switching to SignalWire

“A lot of our operation depends on being able to send text messages and that’s where SignalWire Comes in. We send at least 100,000 text messages a month. In some months it's even more.”

-Bipul Luitel, CTO at Growthzilla Inc.


Uzeli, a product of Growthzilla, gives salons simple tools to streamline bookings, point of sale operation, and automate marketing programs all from a single system. Growthzilla uses SignalWire to build their SMS tools which include appointment reminders, SMS marketing, appointment confirmation, receipts, and two-factor authentication. After switching from other providers to SignalWire, Growthzilla has seen a 20% increase in their deliverability, which is important because SMS communication is integral to their business model.

About Growthzilla

Growthzilla provides tools to the salon industry that help increase revenue. These tools include point of sales systems, data-driven marketing, and SMS appointment and booking reminders. SMS is also an integral part of Growthzilla’s marketing suite designed to attract and retain salon customers. Text messaging is also used to follow up with customers who haven’t returned in a while and send them promotions and reminders; SMS is considered by Growthzilla to be the most effective mode of communication with customers.

The Challenge

Growthzilla’s goal was to make their product easy to use for all of their customers, not just the tech-savvy ones. It was important to optimize simplicity so that their software could get the job done with minimal effort from their clients.

Growthzilla also aimed for the maximum deliverability rates possible. When SMS deliverability rates are too low, their salon customers lose out on clients who may miss appointments or important promotions.

Growthzilla’s development team also focused on finding a solution with fast integrations so they could decrease their time to market.

The Solution

Growthzilla uses SignalWire APIs for their SMS integrations. These integrations allow them to send out appointment reminders, confirmations, receipts, promotional materials, and two-factor authentication codes.

Growthzilla’s data analysis can pinpoint salon clients who haven’t returned in a while and automatically send them messages with coupons and reminders to retain that customer and increase salon revenue.

Text messaging is an incredibly effective way to communicate with customers and Growthzilla has found that SMS has gotten a much higher response rate than traditional methods like email.

During Government shutdowns, Growthzilla was able to launch a “wait in line program” because of SignalWire SMS APIs. This program helped businesses stay afloat while shut down because of CDC guidelines. Salons were able to send out SMS campaigns to their customers asking them to “get in line” for the first available appointments after the shutdown. These customers paid ahead of time which helped salons make revenue during the shutdown and got an overwhelmingly positive response from both salons and their clients.

It is core to Growthzilla’s business that text messaging works flawlessly and they rely on SignalWire to do that job. Growthzilla sends over 100,000 text messages a month using SignalWire and has seen a 20% increase in deliverability after switching from other SMS API providers to SignalWire.

This increase in deliverability makes it easy for Growthzilla and their clients to trust and use their software so clients can focus on increasing revenue and not the underlying technology.

SignalWire APIs are easy to use and backward compatible with other providers which helped Growthzilla decrease their time to market because they did not need to dedicate time to creating custom build-outs.

“As a company, Growthzilla relies on the idea of being able to reach out to customers directly and get a better response than sending emails. Text messages are more personal and let you reach out directly to the customer. It’s a communication that can’t be ignored, even if you delete it you’ve already read it.”

-Bipul Luitel, CTO at Growthzilla Inc.


High Deliverability Stats

After fully adopting SignalWire as their SMS API provider, Growthzilla saw a 20% increase in deliverability rates.

Infinitely Scalable

Growthzilla sends over 100,000 text messages a month and can easily increase this number during busier seasons.

Easy to Use

Growthzilla was able to decrease their time to market and avoid a custom build-out because of the ease of use and backward compatibility of SignalWire SMS APIs.

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