How to Send Text Messages to an Email Address

How to generate email output from SMS input

In one of the quickest snippets so far, Kevin Garabedian walks through some sample code (there are instructions for a Docker image too) that takes a regular SMS text message as the input and generates an email as the output!

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Update - Verizon A2P 10DLC Messaging

Changes to application-to-person messaging from 10-digit long codes

Verizon Wireless has recently issued a change to their commercial long code and fee structure. Due to high demand, SignalWire has decided to now offer this valuable service to our customers.

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How to Protect Users' Private Information With Calls by Proxy

Facilitating voice or text communication between two parties by a proxy

Many of the apps we rely on daily cleverly link providers of services with consumers of those services - and sometimes there is a need for the two parties to communicate by voice or text, even though they don't want or need to know each others' phone numbers.

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SignalWire Announces New Vice President of Product Management

Seasoned executive to oversee rapid growth of video, voice, and messaging collaboration products and infrastructure.

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SignalWire, Inc., a Sand Hill Road venture backed cloud communications provider, today announced that it has appointed Aseem Asthana as the company's new Vice President of Product Management. Asthana brings over 15 years of experience developing rapid growth product strategies for companies like Symantec and Barracuda Networks.

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Build a Simple dynamic IVR

How to build your own IVR with SignalWire

In a very useful code snippet, Kevin takes the well known functionality of an IVR (interactive voice response) system and introduces a simple yet effective mechanism to make it almost infinitely flexible.

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How to Build a Text Notifications Service

A comprehensive guide with code snippets.

Right now, notifications services are hot! Whether as individual reminders for appointments with doctors or in large quantities to send advice to the inhabitants of a given area like information on school events, SMS notifications are helping all industries stay connected.

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COVID-19 Screening using Dialogflow

Simple integration as an inaugural Dialogflow One-Click Telephony Partner

Using SignalWire's integration with Dialogflow, it is easy to automate call center operations to disseminate COVID-19 information using conversational AI.

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Reduce Call Volume with this SMS Enabled Automatic Callback How-To

Cut hold times with this pre-built SMS enabled callback feature

Instrumental businesses are facing alarmingly high call volumes that they’re not used to. The calls are so frequent that many people can’t even get through. Giving callers an option to request an automatic callback by SMS can help reduce call volume and save your customers valuable time.

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SignalWire & Dialogflow One-Click Telephony

Unprecedented ease-of-use for conversational AI over the phone

Without leaving the native Google Dialogflow interface, you can now provision a SignalWire space and assign SignalWire telephone numbers. It's easier than ever to create conversational AI interfaces over the telephone.

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