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Advanced communications from the source. | SignalWire

Engineered by the experts.

Build the next-generation of communications with advanced technology only SignalWire can deliver. An elastic cloud platform designed by the original geeks of software-defined telecom.

Innate Programmability

For any call, your application may want to record it, turn it into a conference, or invoke other functions in real-time. Our network has no "dumb" switching nodes - as long as a call is in our network, it is under the full control of our APIs without requiring an external PBX, call center, or other equipment.

Blade™️ Messaging Bus

Built into our network is a messaging bus that enables nodes to "come and go" — to authenticate securely, announce their presence and metrics, and subscribe to event channels. By building this state right into the telecom network itself, there's no reliance on external services or proxies to manage provisioning state, enabling better resiliency and cross-cloud support.

Deployability to the IoT Edge

Because our architecture can be run in private data centers on any commodity hardware, it is possible to collaborate with us to extend our real-time telecom network to your own network edge for use in industrial, surveillance, or collaborative applications in remote locations not well-served by traditional telecom networks.

<50ms Network Latency

Our software runs across multiple public and private clouds, enabling us to maintain a 50 ms network latency objective across the world. To date, 15 data centers provide 50 ms network latencies to geographies with a population totaling 2.5B people. 

Built for Scale
Cross-Cloud Architecture

Our software-defined telecom network is designed as a distributed system for maximum scalability and resiliency. Nodes are containerized and orchestrated to run across multiple public and private cloud providers across the globe.

Built for Applications
Low Latency

Your applications will run faster. Our distributed architecture enables not only reduced network latencies but our data storage localization also reduces data access times. While state persists centrally, hyper local caching improves performance of time-consuming application lookups (e.g., "screen pops").

Global Presence
Intelligent Routing

While the differentiation of software-defined telecom is the programmability of your calls and messaging, intelligent routing and presence are core and integral functions. Our network intelligently routes your calls to the closest media server, to the closest endpoint, and to multiple PSTN providers — all through a single and unified API layer.

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