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Zapier Integration | SignalWire

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Zapier allows non-developers to interact with SignalWire by selecting triggers and actions from a point-and-click interface. Easily build inter-app automation connected to SignalWire voice and SMS services.

Voice Calls

Set up zaps using voice calls as Triggers for automation or as Actions resulting from Triggers in other Zapier connected applications. The possibilities are limitless.

SMS/MMS Messaging

Set up zaps using text messages as Triggers for automation or as Actions resulting from Triggers in other Zapier connected applications. 

Manage Recordings

When you initiate calls with Zapier, you can also trigger the automatic recording of those calls for storage in the SignalWire cloud without any additional programming.

Advanced Control

For more advanced control, you can integrate SignalWire APIs to play prompts, gather responses, and initiate more sophisticated call flows. 

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Start by signing up for a free SignalWire Space, then check out the SignalWire Integrations page on Zapier to explore 2000+ apps to connect with.

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