Low-Code meets Customization

Swiftly build and deploy a natural human-like virtual agent with minimal coding and plain text instructions, saving development costs and reducing labor hours.

Minimal Coding for Rapid Development

Reduce labor costs and accelerate time to market by building a virtual agent in minutes with a low-code solution. With plain text instructions, even non-developers or IT staff can create and deploy powerful virtual agents, in minutes not months.

Intelligent Responses Beyond Instructions

Provide human-like conversations, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce response times by building an AI Agent that accounts for human variance and is highly capable of responding beyond the script. Multilingual capabilities ensure seamless communication in multiple languages.

Seamless Integration with CRM and Backend Databases

Integrates with backend CRM systems to retrieve customer information and provide personalized responses. By automating responses to common queries, order tracking, FAQs, and basic troubleshooting, the burden on support agents is reduced, allowing them to focus on more complex interactions.

Enhanced Data Analytics and Scalability

Analyze data generated during customer interactions to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. By managing high call volumes simultaneously, SignalWire AI Agent ensures scalable customer support, delivering a self-serve experience that seamlessly integrates with CRM and backend systems.

SignalWire AI Gateway

SignalWire AI Gateway or SWAIG enables functions that allow the virtual agent to perform actions by seamlessly integrating the virtual AI agent with backend databases or CRM. The integrations empower virtual agents with real-time access to relevant data, enabling them to handle customer queries more efficiently and deliver high-quality personalized interactions; for example, send SMS messages, access customer information, and resolve a support ticket.

The SignalWire Difference

24/7 Support From the O.G.s

Our US-based support team is comprised of Original Geeks (or O.G.s), many of which come from FreeSWITCH, with decades of combined telecom experience.

Reliability You Can Count On

The SignalWire Cloud was built to deliver 99.99% uptime. Our data centers are spread across multiple geographies to deliver best in class performance and data protection.

Proven and Trusted

Enterprise tested, developer approved. Our technology forms the backbone of modern communications applications.

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