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Build Your Own Voice Agent in Minutes | SignalWire

Build Your Own Voice Agent in Minutes

Updates to the SignalWire AI Agent Builder

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Dani Plicka

The future of AI voice is here with SignalWire AI Agent. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a simplified UI for building artificial intelligence into your voice applications. This intuitive no-code interface empowers everyone, regardless of their technical background, to create their own AI agent with ease.

In just a few minutes with no code and plain text instructions, you can use the AI agent builder to create your own AI virtual assistant to act as an IVR, virtual receptionist, or to provide after hours customer support.

Build the future of voice communications with AI

The latest update to SignalWire AI Agent allows anyone to build their own AI-powered voice applications. While you can still use SignalWire Markup Language (SWML) to code more complex functions into your virtual AI agents, the launch of our new builder allows for entirely no-code development.

SignalWire AI Agent allows you to:

  • Effortlessly develop a virtual assistant. Say goodbye to complex coding - you can build and deploy your AI agent in minutes without any code.

  • Enhance the customer experience with a humanlike AI agent to offer nuanced, context-aware, natural, and accurate responses.

  • Connect with a diverse global customer base by delivering multilingual support and fluid, context-aware interactions to quickly resolve customer issues.

  • Boost efficiency by automating routine customer interactions, allowing human agents to focus on more complex tasks while reducing customer wait times.

  • Provide round-the-clock customer support regardless of time zones or business hours, with 24/7 AI agent availability.

These powerful capabilities are now available for you to build in a simple drag-and-drop interface. Easily create and customize your AI agent in minutes, rather than weeks.

Upgrade your customer support operations

For any business, customer satisfaction is everything. By automating repetitive tasks and providing instant, accurate information, an AI agent improves the customer experience by speeding up response times and connecting callers to the appropriate live agents more efficiently.

Unburden your live agents by letting them focus on more complex customer issues while your AI agent handles routine questions. Or give your AI agent virtual receptionist duties, elevating customer interactions with a professional voice agent capable of routing calls, booking appointments, and serving as your virtual front desk.

No matter what your use case, you can easily customize an AI assistant’s personality and skill set to suit your business needs.

Common use cases

The possibilities are limitless with SignalWire AI Agent.

  1. Lead capture: Increase conversions by ensuring that every prospective customer is greeted by a warm, friendly voice - even when they call on weekends or after hours.

  2. Virtual receptionist: Elevate your customers’ initial interactions with a professional AI voice agent available to transfer calls, answer questions, and schedule appointments. Integrate your AI agent with backend CRM systems to provide highly personalized, effective customer experiences.

  3. After hours services: Extend your business availability by using an AI voice agent to handle calls, provide information outside regular business hours, and relay messages to the relevant agents when they return.

  4. IVR replacement: Troubleshoot common problems, provide personalized answers, and elevate customer engagement by replacing robotic, repetitive IVRs with more natural and intuitive agents who can answer the phone and transfer calls.

Get started for free

SignalWire AI Agent redefines customer experiences by delivering natural and personalized interactions at scale, transcending the capabilities of first-generation AI chatbots. The new drag-and-drop interface for the AI agent builder allows you to give your agent a name and personality, customize actions and behaviors, and map out your call flow all in one place.

Implement the power of AI with no code and make use of the latest voice technologies to advance your customer service operations into the future.

Get started with our no-code AI agent builder today. Sign up for a SignalWire space or contact our sales team to learn more.

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