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Experience the Power of SignalWire Messaging with Platform Free Trial

Test Messaging Campaigns Before You Buy

When it comes to choosing a messaging provider, it's crucial to test deliverability before committing to registration through The Campaign Registry (TCR). SignalWire understands this concern and offers an excellent solution, Platform Free Trial (PFT). With PFT, you can thoroughly test your campaigns before committing, while also benefiting from SignalWire's streamlined 10DLC registration process.

PFT allows you to test SignalWire's messaging services before commiting to registering through TCR, which can involve several fees. Please note that TCR is specifically for 10DLC messaging. If you're wondering if 10DLC is right for your A2P messaging campaigns, check out our guide to choosing the right number type for your campaign.

In this post, we'll walk you through the simplicity of enabling the Platform Free Trial, explore its capabilities, and highlight how it can empower you to make informed choices for your messaging campaigns.

Enabling the Platform Free Trial

The process of enabling the Platform Free Trial is designed to be hassle-free. To begin, simply purchase a SignalWire phone number, which will serve as your gateway to exploring the full potential of SignalWire's messaging APIs. Next, verify your mobile number to proceed with the trial. Once these steps are completed, you gain access to the trial period and can start sending test messages.

During the Platform Free Trial, you can send up to 200 messages per day, providing ample opportunities to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. To ensure clear distinction, each message sent will be easily identifiable with the tag [SignalWire Free Trial].

It's important to note that the trial is restricted to sending messages exclusively from the assigned SignalWire phone number to the assigned verified phone number. This limitation ensures that you can thoroughly test the messaging process without other messaging traffic interfering.

To maintain the trial, it is essential not to release or remove the PFT-enabled SignalWire phone number or the verified caller ID number. You can view the entire set up process here.

Transitioning to Full Campaign Registration

Once you've successfully tested your campaigns and are satisfied with the results, SignalWire seamlessly guides you through the process of registering your campaign with TCR. The SignalWire team helps walk you through the transition from the trial phase to full campaign registration. Read our Tips for successful campaign registration through TCR to learn more.

With election season right around the corner, you might be wondering abotu using A2P 10DLC for political messaging campaigns. You should be aware that political campaigns have some specific guidelines you must follow.

SignalWire's Platform Free Trial is a seamless way to explore and experiment with robust messaging APIs without the immediate commitment of full brand or campaign registration. By utilizing PFT, you can test your messaging capabilities, evaluate the efficiency of campaigns, and gain a comprehensive understanding of SignalWire's messaging services.

So why wait? Sign up to take advantage of this free trial to kickstart your messaging journey with SignalWire Messaging APIs.

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