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Code Snippet: List LaML Calls to CSV (PHP)

List calls in your SignalWire Project and export them.

This code snippet will allow you to pull your call records from SignalWire into a more readable format and export them as a CSV. You can add several filters to restrict which numbers are exported.

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Increasing Sales Efficiency with SignalWire's Smart Auto Dialer

How to save time and money, maximize outbound call volumes, and increase lead conversion rates.

SignalWire’s Smart Auto Dialer is built on RELAY, a cutting edge technology that uses real-time web service protocol to provide persistent and asynchronous connections. This means more advanced call control capabilities with easier application development. Our Smart Auto Dialer features answering machine detection (AMD) with built in automatic speech recognition (ASR) and can detect whether or not a real person has answered the call.

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The Campaign Registry for A2P 10DLC Messaging

Important updates to the 10-digit long code ecosystem

The Campaign Registry provides Application-to-Person (A2P) 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) messaging campaign registration services. The platform is a single source of information about 10DLC messaging campaigns throughout the U.S., enabling the messaging ecosystem (the MNO’s) to see who sent any given 10DLC message and what they claim to be sending, which can be checked and validated against actual messaging behavior.

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What is SignalWire Work?

Why SignalWire's Virtual Office is different than legacy conference calling

SignalWire Work is a new way to stay connected and collaborate with your office colleagues: a powerful tool that makes working from anywhere possible for a myriad of different companies and career paths. SignalWire Work is more than video conferencing, we created a virtual office that effectively allows any company to transition to working from anywhere in the world without the growing pains

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