Add high-performance, fully programmable video to any application with the new SignalWire Video API

Introducing the SignalWire Video SDK

Walking through how to get started with our video API

SignalWire Video is built around our unique MCU component. A Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) receives the media from each participant and mixes it into a resulting video stream that is then sent to each person in the room.

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Stop spam calls with SignalWire Communication APIs and Node.js

How to create robocall protection and block spam calls

Robocalling and spam calls have been increasing in number over the last year. Only in the US, there were 165.1 million robocalls placed in 2020, an average of 14.1 per person, including children and people who do not have a phone!

SignalWire can help with its Relay technology, which allows us to easily create a robocall protection service.

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Why SMS Marketing Elevates your Business

Integrating SMS into your marketing strategy creates more meaningful interactions with customers

Technology is always evolving and so is the way we interact with our customers. SMS is a disruptive technique that offers more effective interactions with your audience.

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SignalWire Events helps MKE Tech Hub Coalition Attract Talent to Milwaukee Region

Case Study: MKE Tech Hub Coalition

The Coalition holds large quarterly meetings with their members however, due to the pandemic, this was their first experience hosting a virtual event. In November of 2020, the Coalition hosted their one year anniversary celebration on SignalWire Events. This event brought both members of the organization and the Milwaukee community together to honor their accomplishments and brainstorm plans for the future.

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List LaML Messages to CSV (PHP)

List messages in your SignalWire Project.

This code will query your project and return all of the messages (both inbound and outbound) within your project, limited by whatever parameters you choose to use. This example shows how to filter all messages by a particular date range and from number. It will then take this data and insert it into a CSV for your records or further use.

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How to Release Project Numbers by Area Code

This script shows how you can release all numbers matching a specific area code

This code snippet will filter all numbers by a certain area code and then return all the numbers that match. Once you review the numbers that it prints out, you can uncomment the delete line and run it again to release the numbers all at once.

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