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The Next Generation of Communications APIs

At SignalWire, we provide developers with the tools they need to build innovative communications applications. Thanks to our cutting-edge RELAY APIs, it’s easier than ever to build out your vision at the lowest price point in the industry. RELAY is a suite of APIs exposed via our software development kits that you can download and integrate instantly. It provides an easy, secure, and scalable way to do things like send SMS, make phone calls, start video chats and programmatically interact with all SignalWire services.

The Origin of Software-Defined Telecom

Building on the back of over a decade of innovation with the FreeSWITCH platform and countless contributions to the Asterisk PBX before that, we are focused on ushering in a new era of telecommunications. The journey was a long and hard fight but we feel it was worth the pain so that today you can enjoy an experience we have been dreaming of for decades.

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