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Shane's World - Installment III

Leveraging the full power of the RELAY SDK

Today we will look into a couple new API's of the RELAY SDK. We will cover the Call.Prompt API, and it’s helpers Call.PromptAudio and Call.PromptTTS. We will also cover Call.Tap.

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Dev'n with Kevin - Part 1

How to build out a real-time dashboard

As with any business: information is power. The more metrics you have, the better customer experience you can provide while also keeping your staff informed. Learn how to build your own real-time dashboard with Kevin Garabedian.

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Welcome to Shane’s World – Installment II

Leveraging the full power of the Call.Play API

Learn how to fully leverage the RELAY SDK, as we talk about some of the more exciting API's we have to offer. We will cover the `Call.Play` API, and it’s helpers `Call.PlayAudio`, `Call.PlayTTS`, `Call.PlaySilence`, and `Call.PlayRingtone`. We will also cover `Call.Record`.

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Shane’s World - Installment 1

RELAY Calling and the 'Consumer' Type

My name is Shane Bryldt, and I have been a software engineer for over 20 years. I am proud to currently be a Senior Software Engineer for SignalWire. Starting with this article, I will be explaining what SignalWire can do, providing examples, and diving into the APIs and features of the platform. I’m also going to be offering my personal engineering insight and ideas on how you can leverage some of the more obscure options you can set.

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