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Revolutionize Your Call Center with Humanlike AI | SignalWire

Revolutionize Your Call Center with Humanlike AI

When it comes to customer support, AI is changing the game

Traditional methods of engagement are gradually becoming obsolete in the ever-evolving landscape of customer support. While interactive voice response (IVR) systems and direct inward dialing (DID) have long been the gold standard, there's a shift happening right now that presents opportunities to create highly personalized, efficient and dynamic customer experiences.

SignalWire’s AI Agent implements humanlike AI using advanced natural language processing (NLP). With minimal coding and plain text, you can build your own AI voice assistant to handle incoming calls and create dynamic call flows for a fraction of the cost of a human agent.

Why would a call center implement an AI Agent?

With a little bit of extra coding, an agent can interface with CRMs, calendars, and backend systems to perform other useful tasks outside of routing calls, like creating support tickets or sending appointment reminders.

The capabilities of an AI agent can make all the difference when speed and efficiency drive so much of the customer experience. Cutting-edge technology and human-centered design offer more personalized interactions, with abilities such as pulling relevant customer data from CRM systems.

Here are just a few of the standout features and advantages of incorporating AI into your customer engagement strategy:

  • Instant Recognition - An AI assistant alleviates repetitive prompts and prolonged wait times for callers. The AI's ability to understand nuances and retain context ensures that a virtual agent immediately identifies who's on the line, creating a seamless customer journey right from the start.

  • Always Available - Whether it's midday or midnight, an AI agent ensures your customers are never left hanging, with unparalleled support around the clock.

  • Multilingual - With support for over 40 languages, an AI agent allows you to connect with a global audience effortlessly.

  • Better than IVRs - Unlike predictable (and often tedious) IVR scripts, an AI agent guarantees more natural, intuitive interactions. It accounts for human variance, allowing conversations to flow naturally beyond rigid scripts, which goes a long way toward enhancing consumer satisfaction.

  • Data-Driven insights - While traditional systems might offer transcriptions, SignalWire AI dives deeper. By integrating with CRM and backend databases, it offers in-depth analytics and collects data beyond what is humanly possible. Now, understanding customer behavior, preferences, and pain points is simpler than ever.

Seamless integration, easy deployment

SignalWire AI Agent allows for easy deployment and maintenance without necessarily having to write code. You can update prompts and parameters at any time to easily tighten up the AI’s behavior with plain language.

An AI receptionist or voice assistant enhances call centers without demanding a complete overhaul of existing systems. In other words, you can deploy AI like a "bolt-on" feature, delivering experiences that are superior to traditional IVR without having to rip out and replace your current platforms. Instead, the AI can be integrated with existing systems.

This low-code platform allows for building and deploying a sophisticated AI agent that can handle complex, dynamic call flows and perform other tasks. This translates to significant savings in development costs and labor hours.

Have any questions while you're building your first AI Agent? Bring them to our community Slack or Discord!

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