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How Low-Code AI Agents Can Increase Customer Experience… | SignalWire

How Low-Code AI Agents Can Increase Customer Experience Within Minutes

What are the benefits of low-code AI agents?

The discussion of how businesses will use artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and gain a competitive advantage is nothing new. Thanks to the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, the perception around AI has evolved drastically.

The question is not how businesses will start leveraging AI, but when. Dropbox made waves in April when the company told its employees that it would be laying off nearly 500 people to consolidate business lines and build out its AI division.

Forbes Advisor recently surveyed 600 business decision makers using or planning to incorporate AI in business. Almost all (97%) business decision makers said they believe ChatGPT will help their business, and 64% said they believe AI will improve customer relationships.

However, implementing AI solutions can be challenging, especially for small and midsize businesses that lack the resources, skills, or infrastructure to develop and deploy AI applications. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

Low-code AI agents offer an opportunity to incorporate AI into existing infrastructure in minutes with plain language. Integrating with various data sources, services, and APIs that leverage data also provides more personalized and actionable insights for the customer.

What is an AI Agent?

Instead of pre-defining all possible actions a voice application can take, conversational AI takes the reins with SignalWire’s AI Agent. A traditional IVR or other application can require hours of programming, while an AI agent needs only a few lines of plain text instructions (which you can change at any time to alter its behavior).

With the launch of SignalWire’s no-code builder, low-code AI is being taken to the next level. Now, anybody of any skill level can build their own AI voice assistant with no code. Coding your own agent expands the possible use cases, and is still relatively simple with the help of SignalWire Markup Language (SWML).

Low-code AI benefits

Low-code platforms can help businesses of all sizes reap the benefits of AI in several ways:

  • Reduced complexity: Low-code platforms simplify the process of building AI applications using a drag-and-drop interface and plain language.

  • Increased personalization & customization: Tailor your AI applications to specific business needs by integrating with backend CRM systems.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Low-code platforms make it easier to test and iterate on applications in real time.

  • Accelerated deployment: The simplicity of a drag-and-drop interface streamlines the development and deployment process, which delivers AI applications to your existing infrastructure faster.

Real-life use cases of low-code AI

Companies of all industries and sizes, from NVIDIA to Marco’s Pizza, are using AI to create various types of applications to improve customer interactions and increase overall customer satisfaction. So, how can your business leverage low-code AI to improve your performance and outcomes?

One of the more common and popular uses of AI is to field incoming calls from current and future customers. Phone trees (IVRs) are becoming obsolete in a low-code AI environment where voice applications can understand the caller’s intent and provide relevant information or actions during a call. For example, the AI call tree can answer FAQs, schedule appointments, open support tickets, or collect and log feedback.

Sales and marketing teams are using AI to enhance lead generation, using low-code platforms to build lead scoring systems fueled by machine learning and data analytics. These systems enable the sales team to focus on the most qualified and promising leads.

AI receptionists can work alongside other frontline phone employees, routing calls efficiently, answering routine questions, and removing repetitive work from human agents. This allows them to focus on more complex tasks and get in touch with the callers who need their assistance the most.

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AI is a powerful technology that can help businesses gain a competitive edge in the current market. Low-code platforms open the door for companies that cannot invest the time or resources required to deploy AI applications.

A low-code agent is deployed easily through plain text prompts or a rich visual interface in minutes. With a low-code platform, AI can help your business deliver exceptional customer service, reduce capital expenditures, and improve overall efficiency.

You can give the SignalWire AI Agent a try today, and bring your questions to Slack, Discord, or our forum!

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