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Top 10 Insights to Know About The Campaign Registry for 10DLC

Navigating the world of 10DLC and TCR

Content Strategist

Dani Plicka

Navigating The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a mandatory step for businesses engaged in application-to-person 10 digit long code (A2P 10DLC) messaging. This industry-wide initiative is required, no matter who you choose to work with as a campaign service provider (CSP).

A2P messaging serves various business needs. Examples include customer service, two-factor authentication (2FA), reminders and alerts, and anonymized numbers (for example, for communicating with ride-hailing services). If your business is engaging in any of these use cases, you will need to work with an application (like SignalWire) to send bulk SMS messages, and this process involves providing messaging templates and other information with TCR.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top 10 insights to know about 10DLC, explain why TCR is necessary, and go over the benefits it brings: reduced spam, efficiency, and success in the dynamic landscape of SMS campaigns.

1. 10DLC is only for messaging within the United States

10DLC is a standard 10-digit U.S. phone number. TCR and usage of 10DLC does not apply for messaging outside of the United States.. TCR is also not required for short codes or toll free numbers. If you’re deciding what phone number is best for you, be aware that each number type has its own registration process.

2. Registration is mandatory for all A2P 10DLC use cases

There’s no getting around it: if you want to use 10DLC for mass text messaging, you will have to register with TCR. And when it comes to other phone number types and their registration processes, TCR for 10DLC is the quickest! Although it’s not always optimal to have to take time to register campaigns and pay fees to complete registration, the alternative involves getting flagged by the carriers, having your traffic halted, and paying even higher fees for not complying.

3. Opt-ins and opt-outs are not optional

If someone doesn’t want to receive texts from you, they have to be able to opt out. TCR emphasizes the importance of explicit consent. Opt-ins and opt-outs are not optional; they are fundamental components of A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns, ensuring respect for user preferences. While a simple “text STOP to unsubscribe” message is standard for opting out, there are several options for opting in, including texting a number or filling out a web form.

4. Registering can increase your throughput and delivery

Beyond compliance, registering with TCR improves message throughput and delivery. However, Each carrier has different ways to handle daily or per-second throughput. If you need higher throughput, you can participate in brand vetting for a $40 fee.

5. Billions of spam texts are sent out in the United States each month

The statistic is alarming - tens of billions of spam texts are sent in the U.S. monthly. TCR acts as a crucial deterrent, reducing this number and fostering a cleaner messaging ecosystem. The database allows carriers to track who is sending what, and how much they are sending, so that fraudulent messaging campaigns can be flagged and shut down.

6. If you don’t maintain an active status, you may be hit with a non-use fee

T-Mobile's implementation of non-use fees emphasizes the need for maintaining an active status. Brands must send active messaging traffic every 60 days to avoid fees and ensure campaign longevity. You can be charged up to $250 for inactivity, so it’s important to stay on top of your campaigns.

7. There are fees associated with registering each brand and campaign

While compliance is essential, be aware of associated costs as you get started. TCR registration includes fees for each brand and campaign. Understanding these costs is necessary for effective planning. Pricing also varies by use case. Keep up-to-date on costs associated with your campaigns by referring to SignalWire’s always up-to-date pricing guide.

8. Specific regulations are associated with the political use case

Political A2P campaigns include some specific requirements and fees. Prepare for successful registration by understanding these rules, obtaining necessary classifications, and ensuring compliance with TCR guidelines. SignalWire has resources available for political campaigns as you’re getting ready for election season.

9. You must have a valid website for your brand

All brands are required to have a functioning website with company details and contact information available, or your connection request could get rejected. It may not be enough to rely on social media pages. Carriers also need to know what product or service you’re selling. Depending on your use case, you may also be required to have a privacy policy, but we always recommend it.

10. SignalWire has the quickest turnaround time for getting your registrations approved

For businesses seeking the quickest approval, SignalWire stands out. With the fastest turnaround time for TCR registrations, SignalWire streamlines the process for you, allowing campaigns to go live promptly. You’ll only need a few business days to get started. The team will contact you if we see anything wrong with your campaign. Additionally, our easy-to-use TCR wizard makes it simple for you to purchase phone numbers and register your campaigns all in one place.

SignalWire is here to help with TCR

If you have any questions or issues surrounding your specific use case, throughput, or costs, SignalWire’s expert carrier operations team is here to help when you open a ticket in your dashboard. Get started today with our messaging platform free trial and bring any questions to our community Slack channel!

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