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Meet SignalWire at Enterprise Connect 2024 | SignalWire

Meet SignalWire at Enterprise Connect 2024

Join us the week of March 25-28 in the AI innovation zone

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Dani Plicka

SignalWire is coming to Enterprise Connect 2024 in Orlando, FL! Join us the week of March 25-28 at booth #208 in the AI innovation zone to meet with the team and catch exciting demos.

The expo hall is free to attend, so stop by booth #208 if you’re in the Orlando area. If you’re interested in attending the speaking sessions, use code SIGNALWIRE to get $700 off your Enterprise Connect registration.

There will also be opportunities to meet with us beyond the expo hall. The weekend prior, March 23-24, we’ll be at the TADhack open hackathon, challenging developers for a chance to win $2,000. And after the conference ends on March 28th, you can join us for a free SignalWire community meetup!

Unleash your creativity for a $2,000 hackathon prize

From March 23-24, SignalWire will be at TADHack Open, the largest global hackathon focused on programmable communications. We’re challenging participants to interface SignalWire’s AI Agent with a third-party system.

Whether it's changing the world or simply showcasing something cool, TADHack provides an opportunity to unleash your creativity and innovation for a $2,000 first place prize.

Can't make it in person? Join remotely!

For those unable to attend in person, TADHack accepts remote entries from around the world. With resources available on SignalWire's GitHub repo, participants can get started on their projects ahead of time and submit their pitch video for a chance to win.

Transforming business communication with SignalWire

At booth #208, attendees will discover a revolutionary approach to business communication. With a unified and interoperable platform, SignalWire empowers businesses to deploy communication solutions faster and more efficiently. Whether it's voice, video, messaging, or AI, SignalWire offers programmable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the exact needs of businesses.

Gone are the days of archaic phone trees and scripted interactions. We’re introducing a new era of customer experiences with our context-aware AI agent. Capable of understanding nuances and providing lifelike, off-script interactions, this AI-powered voice solution revolutionizes customer engagement, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience every time. Come to the booth to see it in action!

Customizable communication pathways

We’re also launching Call Fabric, a Programmable Unified Communications (PUC) network, which offers unparalleled flexibility and customization. From dynamic content delivery to intricate call flows, you can easily create and arrange diverse communication pathways, seamlessly connecting across channels and devices.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions – with Call Fabric, customization is key. PUC offers a customizable cloud-based communication solution integrating voice, video, and text across platforms. Call Fabric, the low-code platform built on PUC, allows you to effortlessly manage diverse communication channels to enhance collaboration and customer engagement. Join us at booth #208 to learn more.

Live demos and interactive experiences

Visitors to SignalWire's booth can experience the power of these innovative solutions firsthand through live demonstrations. From building a digital employee using the AI Agent to interacting with live AI that can handle complex customer queries, attendees will witness the future of business communication in action.

Orlando Code and Connect meetup: A refreshing networking experience

Beyond the expo hall, SignalWire invites anyone in the area to join the Orlando Code and Connect meetup on March 28, 2024. This casual event offers a refreshing approach to networking, centered around meaningful connections, valuable insights, and knowledge sharing.

Attendees will learn how to use AI and real-time communications to build working products and prototypes, all while enjoying a fun and engaging atmosphere. All you need to bring is yourself and a laptop.

Join SignalWire at this year’s Enterprise Connect

From innovative AI solutions to customizable communication applications, SignalWire offers the tools to build anything you can imagine. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the communication revolution – book a meeting with us today. See you at Enterprise Connect!

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