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Enterprise Connect 2024 | SignalWire

Programmable Unified Communications

With PUC, all businesses can set up and own their entire chain of communications to and from their company, combining traditional phone-number-based communications with mobile app and web-app-based paradigms. SignalWire solves the most challenging infrastructure and feature deployment problems for you, so your developers can cross telecom off their long to do list and customers can just point-and-click.

Meet Your New Digital Employee

Move beyond the limitations of archaic phone trees and revolutionize the customer experience with a context-aware AI Voice agent skilled at understanding nuances and providing lifelike, off-script interactions.

Build an AI Agent

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

At SignalWire, we empower businesses with easy-to-use and customizable cloud communications tools. Programmable Unified Communications supplants one-size-fits-all solutions, sparking innovation and growth. Rather than frankenstein-ing a solution together, or dealing with the shortcomings of an out of the box solution, you now have access to all the tools you need to create the perfect communications solution for you and your customers.

  • Vultik
  • Samsung
  • Audi
  • Phoenix Children's
  • Growthzilla
  • Textline
  • Filevine
  • McFarland Clinic
  • Replicant
  • I can push half a million text messages a month and a couple hundred thousand a day. And, those messages go out very quickly because of the fast turnaround time.
    David Higginson Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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The Expo Hall is Free!

The expo hall at Enterprise Connect is free to attend! If you are also interested in attending any of the speaking sessions, you can use the code: “SIGNALWIRE” to save $700 on registration.

Orlando Code and Connect Meetup

Thursday, Mar 28, 2024 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Get your hands dirty with SignalWire creator tools as we teach you how to use AI and real-time communications to build working products and functioning prototypes you can walk away with.

This isn't the kind of networking event you’re used to - leave behind the pressure, discomfort, sales pitches, and awkwardness; enjoy a refreshing approach centered around meaningful connections, valuable insights, knowledge sharing, and a fun, engaging atmosphere. Oh - and maybe take home one of our exclusive prizes!

$2,000 Hackathon Prize

Join us at TADHack the weekend before Enterprise Connect for the largest global hackathon focused on programmable communications. SignalWire is giving away $2,000 to the first prize winner. The challenge? Interface SignalWire’s AI Agent with a 3rd party system. Don’t worry about changing the world, we just want to see something you think is cool! (Although, the world probably won’t complain if you do end up changing it.)

Can’t make it in person?

TADHack accepts remote entries from around the world This article explains how to submit the pitch video for your hack if you are taking part remotely.

Check out our GitHub repo to help get you started.Any questions? Talk to us on Slack

Top SignalWire Use Cases

Deploy an AI Agent

Build a human-like virtual agent in minutes, allowing you to improve response times and increase customer satisfaction.

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Build an IVR

Create interactive voice response (IVR) with your native application logic and improve customer engagement.

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Programmable Video

Integrate videos directly into websites or applications with APIs and SDKs that accelerate development and abstract away complexity.

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SMS Marketing

Use text marketing to improve conversion rates and reach your users on the channel they prefer.

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Elastic VoIP Integration

Consolidate legacy SIP vendors, remove costly on-premises equipment and modernize your existing VoIP infrastructure by incorporating flexible, scalable SIP Connectivity from SignalWire.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Add SMS or voice as a second factor of authentication to add an extra layer of security to your applications.

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