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SignalWire + Agora Integration | SignalWire

SignalWire + Agora Integration

How to increase Agora's functionality by using SignalWire

We are excited to announce our new SignalWire - Agora integration. For those who are unfamiliar, Agora allows you to easily embed Real-Time Engagement APIs, which includes all the development tools and cloud infrastructure needed for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Now you can connect your Agora conferences to SignalWire to increase functionality! 

This integration is the first and only way to call into an Agora call using traditional telephony. At SignalWire, our goal is to enable developers with easy to use advanced communications features, and this integration does just that by providing simple inbound telephone conferencing to your Agora applications. Now, all Agora customers can easily enable SignalWire’s advanced functionality and call into their channels using a PSTN number, all at a disruptive price.

What can I build with this?

If you or your company is using Agora as a video conferencing service, this new integration allows you to call into that conference from any phone number. All you have to do is sign up for a SignalWire account and purchase a few numbers in the areas you want to provide dial-in service from. You simply configure the phone numbers on your SignalWire dashboard and point it to your Agora project. Once authenticated, all calls from those numbers will be piped directly into your Agora conference!

How to set it up:

Setting up this integration is super easy! As an example, we’re going to show you how to call into an Agora conference from your very own phone number. Start by visiting your SignalWire space, choosing Agora, clicking on ‘connect to Agora,” and then follow the steps below.

  1. Enter in a name for your connection.
  2. Enter in your Application ID (not to be confused with Customer ID.)
  3. Go to main dashboard in Agora, Click on the Project.
  4. Copy the Application ID and paste it into the aforementioned Agora Connection Application ID field.
  5. Now let’s configure a Phone Number we have purchased to point to that Application. Select Voice Calls, and handle calls with an “Agora Connector.”
  6. Then select the Agora Connector you just created, mine is TEST.
  7. Give your Channel a name, in this case we are going to use “demo”, as it is the channel name given to the default web demo in the Agora dashboard.

Now let’s use the web demo from Agora to create the demo channel…

  1. Login to
  2. Select Project Management from the Agora dashboard and click on Web Demo “Generate Link”. Take that link and copy into a browser window.
  3. Now dial the number you attributed to the Channel, the call will show up in the Channel.
  4. That’s it! Now you have easily increased your conferencing functionality with SignalWire!

Disruptive Pricing

We believe that the best communications solutions should be available to everyone, which is exactly why we keep our pricing so disruptive. Our fee structure is simple, we meter per minute / per call leg, we don’t charge for setting up calls programmatically nor do we charge for securing your calls.

Calling Rates:

Agora Connector $0.001*

US Inbound $0.00255*

US Outbound $0.0065*

SIP In/Out $0.0007*

*For all pricing check here.

Come and build something great on SignalWire!

Need additional help or have questions? Come and talk to us on our community Slack channel! A SignalWire OG will be happy to assist you.

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