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Reflecting on Enterprise Connect, TADHack Open, and… | SignalWire

Reflecting on Enterprise Connect, TADHack Open, and SignalWire’s AI Meetup

From the expo hall to the hack-a-thon

Enterprise Connect 2024 served as a dynamic platform for SignalWire to engage with industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts alike. From the bustling expo hall to our own vibrant networking event, SignalWire was there to drive conversations around innovation, collaboration, and the future of business communication.

SignalWire's presence at Enterprise Connect 2024 in Orlando, FL, allowed the team to showcase groundbreaking innovations like our AI Agent, engage with developers at TADHack Open, and gather our community at a free AI meetup. Here were some highlights of the week:

SignalWire at TADHack Open 2024

The weekend prior to Enterprise Connect, SignalWire participated in TADHack Open, the largest global hackathon focused on programmable communications. There we challenged developers to interface our AI Agent with a 3rd party system. 15 impressive hacks were submitted from around the world.

Developers were particularly impressed by SignalWire's AI Agent tools and documentation, which facilitated seamless integration into their projects. In the end, Team Jazz emerged as the winner with their groundbreaking software application, Jazz Health Assistant, designed to revolutionize diabetes management within families.

This health assistant bot is a groundbreaking software application designed to revolutionize diabetes management within families, especially for the elderly. It meticulously tracks blood sugar levels, ensuring that any irregularities are promptly reported to family members.

Team Jazz with Brian West
Team Jazz with Brian West

Developed by Jared Ashcraft, David Sikes, and John Wilder, Jazz Health Assistant represents a leap forward in diabetes management. The application tracks blood sugar levels, providing real-time insights and alerts to family members. This proactive approach empowers families to monitor and manage their loved ones' health with greater precision and compassion, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for elderly diabetic patients.

Innovative Solutions at Enterprise Connect

At booth #208 in the AI innovation zone, SignalWire showcased an array of innovative solutions poised to transform business communication. From context-aware AI agents to the customizable communication pathways offered by Call Fabric, attendees witnessed the future of programmable communications firsthand.

Live demonstrations provided an immersive experience, allowing visitors to interact with these cutting-edge technologies and envision their potential applications.

Orlando Code and Connect Meetup

Beyond the expo hall, SignalWire hosted an Orlando Code and Connect meetup on March 28, 2024. This networking event offered attendees a chance to explore the intersection of AI and real-time communications while fostering meaningful connections and knowledge sharing. Participants learned how to leverage these technologies to build innovative products and prototypes.

We had some great discussions around AI and how to use it for practical use cases. SignalWire’s Brian West demonstrated for reservation management, and then showed attendees how easy it would be to build an AI receptionist for NASA.

SignalWire is always looking to drive innovation in business communication. As we continue to push boundaries and empower developers worldwide, the possibilities for transformative change are limitless.

Enterprise Connect 2024 and surrounding events were a huge success for SignalWire, marked by innovations, collaborative spirit, and meaningful connections. As we reflect on the achievements of this event, we invite you to join us for the next chapter in SignalWire's journey towards shaping the future of communication! Get in touch with our team and our community by joining us on Slack, Discord, or our forum.

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