One embeddable, extensible, powerful little snippet of code.

SignalWire's Embeddable Video Conference Rooms include:

A far more natural virtual experience.

Ever noticed that even the most famous video conferencing products produce awkward effects and jumpy transitions between speakers when two (let alone more) people interact at the same time?

Your SignalWire Embeddable Video Conference Rooms won’t have that.

500 interactive participants (per room)

Our unique approach to multiparty conferencing architecture integrates the live video and audio streams of up to 500 interactive participants (per room) into a single unified stream and distributes it back to every participant.

100% in the browser, all in real time.

Extensible everything.

Every component of your Embeddable Video Conference Rooms sits on a growing set of real-time Video and Audio Conferencing APIs and SDKs.

Sculpt what you build around the vision of the product, rather than contorting around the built-in complexities and limitations of Zoom, WebEx, or Meet.

Launch unprecedented real time products without the typical risks

SignalWire's APIs and SDKs cut years of software development and dev-ops work to days, empowering you to prototype, prove, launch, and scale entirely new interactive video and audio apps

Real-time digital marketing and sales
  • Create back-stage/front stage workflows and orchestrate product demos and sales presentations like mini-TV productions.
  • Design sales training processes that offer real-time feedback on storytelling, emotional intelligence, and active listening skills.
  • Build virtual showrooms and live stream volumetric video from anywhere in the world with sufficient bandwidth.
Virtual healthcare
  • Slowly integrate telemedicine into your existing care delivery processes, one successful pilot at a time.
  • Build a 100% virtual healthcare network that integrates real time video conferencing with asynchronous messaging and programmable phone calls for patient communication and internal coordination.
  • Create new healthcare delivery paradigms around live interactions in virtual and augmented realities...
Up-leveled live media production
  • Tailor front-stage/back stage interfaces to your team's creative processes, not the other way 'round.
  • Empower your team to produce large-scale live events that stream to browsers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and VR headsets.
  • Upgrade production and post-production toolsets for live interactive, multiparty video and audio.
Expanded collaboration apps
  • With freedom to design the interfaces, integrate video and audio conferencing features that are fully native within your products.
  • Facilitate new forms of collaboration with real time natural language models and emotionally-intelligent sentiment analyses
Remote fitness and physical therapy
  • Launch virtual studios that support up to 500 students with a "front-stage" interface for students and a "back-stage" interface for instructors and support staff
  • Design "teach the teachers" training programs that integrate machine learning and human coaching to deepen emotional intelligence, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Run video feeds through machine vision models that deliver joint-by-joint feedback on musculoskeletal biodynamics.
Virtual legal administration
  • Integrate live video conferencing with real time transcriptions for more efficient remote depositions.
  • Build e-signature, notary, and contract review workflows into a single app.

Pay-as-you-grow pricing so your investment and your growth align.

No upfront fees, monthly subscriptions, or contracts required.

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Above 100K$0.0043$0.0048Contact UsContact Us

All prices are per participant/per minute.

From The Original Geeks of Software-Defined Telecom

SignalWire is the creation of the founder and team whose open-source telecommunications software (FreeSWITCH) and rare expertise Zoom, Amazon, Vonage, Five9s, and DialPad turn to for their most sophisticated telecommunications features.

With SignalWire, we’ve:

  • Taken the core FreeSWITCH technology stack.
  • Extended it to leverage the elasticity and compute resources of the cloud.
  • Unlocked it with real-time web sockets APIs and SDKs to support the most real-time interactive video and audio applications.

With the Video Room Snippet, you can now begin tapping into that with a single snippet of code.

Proven and Trusted

Enterprise tested, developer approved. Our technology forms the backbone of modern communications applications.