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Hosted Messaging | SignalWire

Being able to send and receive SMS is a basic expectation customers have. However, it’s not always easy since your voice provider might not offer messaging services or their messaging service may not match your standards. With Hosted Messaging, you can continue with your current voice provider while enabling our best-in-class messaging services.

Keep your numbers

Hosted Messaging allows you to either transfer over or enable text messaging services on your existing phone numbers. This means that your numbers can remain with your current provider for voice services while the messaging services (on those same numbers) will be hosted (concurrently) by SignalWire. This is true regardless of whether or not your current service provider offers messaging services on your current numbers (such as landline numbers).

Unified for less

Having a single unified number for communication with the customer (for both voice and text messaging), provides customers a better experience and builds greater confidence in your service. It can also help ensure you have best in class messaging services as well as lowering your costs.

Don't miss a beat

Porting your current numbers in order to either transfer or activate messaging services on SignalWire is a seamless process that can occur without any service disruptions.

How-to guide

Begin using Hosted Messaging by porting numbers over to SignalWire.