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Verified Caller ID & Local Number Portability

Your existing business phone number is programmable with SignalWire

By Erik Lagerway, VP of Product

We are always trying to think of new ways for new customers to try out our services without any commitment.

SignalWire is now offering a verification process where you can use your own numbers to make outbound voice calls without porting your number to SignalWire. In essence, as long as we can prove you own the number you are trying to call from, we will allow you to use it as your outbound caller ID.

Verifying your existing number for use with SignalWire

Once you have set up your account with SignalWire, you can proceed to Phone Numbers, and then to Verified:

Click on the blue button labeled Verify a Phone Number.

You will then be asked to enter the number that you would like to use as your outbound caller ID. Once you enter this number, select the blue Call Me button and you will receive a call to verify the number.

The call will provide a code, which you will need to enter on screen. If successful, you will see a green bar showing the success of the operation.

You will now see the new verified number under the Verified tab:

Now we can use this number in outbound calls from the SignalWire service. As an example, you can set the outbound caller ID for a SIP endpoint in the SignalWire network as the new verified caller ID you just created:

What are the differences between Verified Caller ID and Local Number Porting?

Verified Caller ID is a great way to try out SignalWire services quickly and easily without committing to anything. That said, if you want access to all the services SignalWire offers, you will need to either purchase a new number or Port your existing number to SignalWire.

Verified Caller ID works great for outbound calls but doesn’t work at all for inbound calls. It also will not be of much use if your use case is centered around text messaging enablement as this feature does not work for messaging.

If you are interested in taking advantage of all the goodness SignalWire has to offer, but you are not ready to port your existing numbers, purchasing SignalWire numbers is your best bet. US numbers are super affordable at $0.08 per number. Our coverage area spans the majority of the US and Canada today, with many more geographies and countries coming soon.

When you are ready to use your existing number, we can certainly assist you with your local number porting needs!

This one's on us.

There is no cost to set your Verified Caller ID, nor is there any cost to Port your number to SignalWire today.* We also provide $5 in credit to get you started, so what are you waiting for?

Come and build something great on SignalWire!

Main developer documentation site:

Friendly support can be found in our online community.

P.S. We always announce features to our community before bringing it to the general public, so sign up for your free SignalWire account today and join our Community!

* Please check our pricing page for up-to-date pricing.