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Toll-free Number Verification Update | SignalWire

Toll-free Number Verification Update

Learn about the current state of toll-free numbers with SignalWire and how you may be impacted

Community Manager

Alex Rowell

Note: This post has been updated as of March 2023 to reflect the latest turnaround times and throughput limitations for TFNs. Check our Toll-Free Verification documentation for the most up to date information.

As you may have seen in recent emails and notifications within the platform, unverified Toll-Free numbers (TFNs) needed to be verified by September 30th in order to send messaging from October 1st and onward. If you do not use your Toll-Free number for SMS/MMS, you do not need to verify through this process.

Due to new industry-wide changes and an influx of pending verification registrations upstream, a grace period has been enacted and TFNs sending to US numbers will be able to send unverified traffic while verification requests are pending after September 30th. TFNs sending to Canadian handsets after September 30th will need to be verified and can no longer send unverified messages.

The current verification process can take up to 8 weeks. During this time, TFNs will have messaging enabled while your request is being reviewed. Sending unverified traffic is not a long-term solution, as this grace period can end with short notice from the carriers, and SignalWire will continue to require verification for all newly acquired Toll-Free numbers.

For TFNs that are able to send unverified traffic while their verification requests are processed, the throughput limitations are as follows:

  • Daily Limit: 2,000 messages per day per unverified TFN

  • Weekly Limit: 6,000 messages per week per unverified TFN

  • Monthly Limit: 10,000 messages per month per unverified TFN

Please review our webpage on Toll-Free Verification for more information. For single Toll-Free number registrations, please navigate to our Toll-Free Messaging Approval Application (this link will take you to a google forms webpage - upon completing this form, a ticket will be auto generated and sent to If you are a service provider and need to register multiple customers, please reach out to to receive the bulk processing template. If your verification is already being processed, be mindful of the extended timelines and reach out on your verification ticket if you have any questions or concerns.