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SignalWire Unveils Call Fabric: A Revolutionary Advance… | SignalWire

SignalWire Unveils Call Fabric: A Revolutionary Advance in Programmable Unified Communications Built on the Legacy of FreeSWITCH

Programmable Unified Communications and Call Fabric

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, March 19, 2024— SignalWire, Inc., the leading innovator in the Programmable Unified Communications (PUC) space, today announced the launch of SignalWire Call Fabric, a groundbreaking development in cloud communication technologies. This release marks a new chapter in the journey of FreeSWITCH, the open-source telephony platform that has powered millions of connections worldwide since its inception. SignalWire Call Fabric builds upon this legacy, offering unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and ease of use in creating and managing communication pathways on-demand.

With its stable, scalable framework, FreeSWITCH laid the foundation for innovative communication solutions across various industries. SignalWire's Call Fabric takes this vision further, integrating the robust capabilities of FreeSWITCH into a cloud-based platform that simplifies the complexity of communication technologies, enabling businesses of all sizes to tailor their communication infrastructure to their unique needs.

SignalWire Call Fabric represents a significant leap forward in the PUC category, offering a suite of high-level primitives known as Resources. These Resources allow users to craft custom communication solutions using elements such as Scripts and Markup, Rooms, Subscribers, AI Agents, and the Call Flow Builder. By simplifying the integration and management of these components, SignalWire provides an intuitive, self-service platform that empowers businesses to innovate rapidly and cost-effectively.

"At SignalWire, we've always believed in breaking down the barriers to advanced communication technologies," said Anthony Minessale, CEO of SignalWire. "With the introduction of Call Fabric, we're not just opening a new chapter in the story of FreeSWITCH; we're redefining what's possible in Programmable Unified Communications. Our platform is designed to spark innovation, enabling businesses to communicate smarter, improve time-to-value, and achieve unparalleled flexibility and scalability in their operations."

SignalWire Call Fabric is an ideal solution for businesses looking to upgrade their communication systems without the rigidity of traditional UCaaS platforms as well as for integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) looking for a profitable avenue to sell more, faster. Its seamless integration capabilities, coupled with the ease of deployment, make it a powerful tool for improving internal communications, customer service functionalities, and interactive experiences like telehealth and virtual education platforms.

As the PUC space continues to evolve, SignalWire's Call Fabric sets a new standard for innovation and customer-centric solutions. Businesses can visit to learn more or meet us in person later this month at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, we will be in booth #208.

About SignalWire

SignalWire is a pioneer in the Programmable Unified Communications space, offering a cloud-based platform that enhances flexibility, integration, and scalability across business interactions. Founded by the creators of FreeSWITCH, SignalWire delivers a comprehensive solution that combines the power of voice, video, messaging, and AI into a single interface, enabling businesses to innovate rapidly and efficiently. With a commitment to breaking down the barriers to advanced communication technologies, SignalWire empowers businesses of all sizes to build faster and realize value sooner.

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