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Seven ways to Step Up your Team Building

Get creative with virtual events for your team

Content Strategist

Dani Plicka

Get creative with virtual events for your team

At this point, we’ve all (mostly) gotten used to virtual team meetings. But once you’re settled into your virtual office, it’s important to have fun too! Just because you’re not together in a physical building doesn’t mean you can’t have unique team gatherings that are entirely for fun. Your employees work hard and so do you - we all need to have some fun to keep up morale and foster company culture in a remote work environment. Here are a few ideas for how to create a virtual event for your team that will be a lot more fun than a typical, everyday meeting. It’s important to be devoted to connecting your team when you’re all dispersed! And SignalWire Work is the perfect video conferencing platform to make all kinds of creative events possible.

Order Lunch

There are now several food delivery companies that operate in most areas. Some of these services allow you to make a company portal, where you can load up credits worth a certain amount of money onto employee accounts to allow them to purchase a meal paid for by the company. This allows for team-wide or even company-wide lunch hangouts! Load your chosen amount of money onto one of these accounts, have your employees order themselves lunch for delivery to their homes, and have a pizza party or a lunch and learn! Being dispersed doesn’t mean you can’t gather together for a meal and enjoy the relaxed environment of chatting and bonding over good food.

Cooking Classes

If you want to take mealtime a step above and beyond ordering delivery, you can get cooking kits delivered to your team! There are virtual cooking classes available as a service that deliver all the ingredients you need to make a recipe. As a team, you would be led by an instructor who would join your video call to help guide the class. The team can hang out together while following along to learn to cook a tasty meal, without having to hit the grocery store themselves beforehand, creating a fun and unique way to bond and share a meal!


If you’ve got a really good remote collaboration platform like SignalWire Work, you can host a karaoke party! Stream the karaoke video from YouTube or your preferred video hosting website to the room of your choice (all you need is the URL) and take turns taking the stage to sing along to all your favorite songs. We can’t vouch for how well this would work on all video conferencing platforms, but we’ve tested it on SignalWire Work and perfected it as a party staple for our own events.

Play Games

With websites like, virtual games that accommodate several people or more can be streamed into a virtual room and played by everyone on a team in real-time. Team games are a great bonding activity to make each other laugh at the end of a workday or workweek. Games on such services are usually inexpensive, and so this is one of the more affordable options if you’re looking for a way for your team to spend more time together outside of work meetings!

Drink Mixing

If you like the idea of creating stuff together but want to keep it simpler than cooking classes, remote mixology classes are also an option. Many of these services also ship out kits with necessary ingredients, but if you’re wary about shipping out alcohol you could instead gift employees mixing tools or nice glasses and provide ingredient lists for a fun happy hour event at the end of the work week! You’d be joined by a mixology instructor who would teach everyone how to perfect their fancy drinks. But if you’ve already got a master bartender on your team, maybe they could lead a class instead!

Team Workouts

Break up the middle of the workweek with a half-hour or hour-long team workout activity, like team yoga or a walk around! It’s good to get up and move around from time to time, especially when working remotely full time. Getting up at your desk, stretching, or walking around while chatting with colleagues is a great way to prevent virtual fatigue and take a break that is healthy and productive.

Watch Parties

If you’re using SignalWire Work, you can stream full-length movies to a room and watch them with your colleagues. Have Friday movie days or film happy hours at the end of the week by streaming a video into your room of choice. Gather round, grab a snack, make a drink, discuss, and hang out!

These are just a few ideas based on how we’ve put SignalWire Work to work, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to virtual events. As long as you have the right video conferencing platform that won’t lag and hold you back, literally anything you can think of is possible!

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