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How to Enhance Small Business Customer Service with AI… | SignalWire

How to Enhance Small Business Customer Service with AI Agents

Explore the transformative potential of AI for small businesses

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Dani Plicka

Leveraging AI to optimize customer interactions is a valuable step any business can take to remain competitive in today’s market. Conversational AI tools, like SignalWire AI Agent, are not just a futuristic concept, but a practical solution ready for deployment today.

Recently, during a LiveWire session, the SignalWire team demonstrated the power and versatility of AI-powered voice assistants through a real-life example of building an AI agent tailored for a small business.

During this LiveWire session, we explored the transformative potential of AI for small businesses, and demonstrated how AI can significantly enhance efficiency and customer service operations.

This walkthrough highlights how businesses can streamline operations and improve customer experiences using SignalWire AI Agent. In this post, we’ll recap the session and some key takeaways. If you’re interested in watching the full LiveWire webinar, you can find it below.

How AI Improves Business Operations

Businesses that have integrated AI into their workflows have seen a significant return on investment. The implementation of AI has resulted in a 20% reduction in operational costs for many organizations, showcasing its potential to improve the bottom line.

About 90% of companies reported faster complaint resolution times, indicating that AI improves efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction. 80% of businesses in the same survey have experienced increased call volume processing, enabling them to respond more quickly and accurately to market changes. This has resulted in over half of these companies increasing overall revenue by 5%, and a third of them increasing revenue by 15%.

These figures illustrate the transformative potential of AI, making it a crucial tool for businesses looking to stay competitive in today's market.

AI Agent Demonstration

During the LiveWire session, Brian West, Director of Support Engineering, introduced Vickey, an AI agent that can handle various operational tasks. This includes taking calls, answering questions, and providing detailed responses, proving to be an invaluable asset for small businesses looking to enhance their customer service without overwhelming their human resources.

This demonstration emphasized the significant potential AI holds in transforming customer service operations. Vickey ensures that no call goes unanswered, even outside business hours.

Brian started the demo by initiating a call where Vickey introduced herself and asked for the caller's name, a seamless interaction from the start. Vickey then showcased her ability to handle a variety of queries and respond with accurate and relevant information.

Integration with Backend Systems

The AI agent has the ability to call backend functions via SignalWire’s AI Gateway (SWAIG). The system handles calls to retrieve data and respond to user queries for smooth and informative interactions.

AI agents can be integrated with existing CRM systems to verify customer details and handle sensitive information securely using metadata to store private data separately from the language model. This is especially relevant for sectors like healthcare and finance, where data privacy and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable.

Key Features and Capabilities

Function Handling

Brian defined functions like whats_up and what_day to handle specific user queries, emphasizing the importance of structuring function purposes correctly for the AI agent to understand and execute tasks efficiently.

SWML Script Integration

The session also showed how to map phone numbers to specific AI agents using SignalWire Markup Language (SWML) scripts. Brian explained the process of saving and updating SWML scripts for dynamic response handling, making it easier for businesses to adapt to changing needs.

Practical Applications and Use Cases

After Hours Customer Service

Integrating AI into answering services can extend customer service operations after hours by answering the phone while human employees are off the clock. It can be expensive to have live agents on the phone 24/7, but AI agents can collect essential data, such as customer contact information and service details, and ensure follow-ups without human intervention.

Sales Inquiries

AI agents can also handle initial sales inquiries, gather essential details, and pass the information to human agents for more complex queries. Transcripts of sales calls can be automatically sent to product teams or summarized for leadership, ensuring efficient information flow within an organization.

Multilingual and International Support

AI agents can switch between languages seamlessly, extending the global reach of any company. Leveraging AI for multilingual support enhances accessibility, and AI agents can dynamically switch between languages for a smooth and coherent customer experience.

SignalWire supports bringing your own carrier, allowing integration with local phone numbers in regions like the EU, making it a versatile choice for global businesses.

Using AI for Outbound Calls

AI agents can also be used for appointment reminders, customer follow-ups, and other outbound calls provided there is an existing business relationship and no deceptive practices are employed. Cold calling without prior relationship remains regulated, with strict adherence to Do Not Call lists and anti-spam regulations.

Get Started Today with SignalWire AI Agent

SignalWire AI Agent offers a turnkey solution for enhancing customer interactions and optimizing business processes. By leveraging advanced features and integrations, businesses can significantly improve efficiency and provide superior customer experiences.

Integrating AI agents into customer service operations means businesses can offload routine tasks, allowing human staff to focus on more complex, revenue-impacting activities. SignalWire provides tools that complement your existing workforce, enhance efficiency, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

SignalWire provides comprehensive guides, support, and resources to get started with our platform. Start today for free by signing up for a SignalWire Space, and join our community on Slack!

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