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What to Expect from LIVEWire Events | SignalWire

What to Expect from LIVEWire Events

Topic-driven live webinars from industry experts

Community Manager

Alex Rowell

To keep up with the latest industry changes and best practices, we host topic-driven public LIVEWire Events on SignalWire’s own video platform. These live webinars feature presentations, technical demonstrations, additional resources and FAQs, and open time for Q&A from the audience.

Topics vary from current industry trends like The Campaign Registry, to effective practices in areas such as Messaging or Voice, to the process of creating specific applications on SignalWire. For more technical LIVEWires, check the event registration page for the suggested skill/experience level for the content. We strive to make the majority of LIVEWires accessible to all skill levels, but some will assume familiarity with specific programming languages or software.

All LIVEWires are recorded and sent to everyone who registered, so if you’re considering attending but not sure you can make it, it’s still worth signing up! Some select LIVEWires are available in this YouTube playlist. We encourage you to attend LIVEWires in real time to enjoy a more engaging, dynamic, and interactive learning experience with our experts compared to watching a recorded version.

Presenters for most LIVEWires are drawn from SignalWire employees with a focus on presentations from subject matter experts in a specific technical area. The presenter will deliver information and insights on their topic through live audio, video, slides, and in some cases screen sharing. Attendees can ask questions and participate in discussions through chat during the presentation, with members of our team available to answer while the presenter is occupied.

LIVEWires focused on more technical topics, such as building Zoom-like features into a video app or setting up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, will also include demonstrations and code walkthroughs. In many cases, a sample code repo or code sandbox is shared with the audience to allow them to follow along and build in real time alongside the presenter.

After the presentation and demonstration, if applicable, the presenter will provide additional resources for attendees looking to learn more about the topics covered. They will also address frequently asked questions before opening the floor to attendee questions. At this point, attendees can speak directly to the presenter or type their questions in chat, and get answers in real time.

Resources provided during the LIVEWire are sent out along with the recording, allowing attendees to review the content later or catch up if they couldn’t make it to the live event.

Upcoming Events & Resources

Check out upcoming events on our Events Calendar, where you can sign up to receive email reminders and the event link.

Our community spaces are always open! If you have questions or feedback about SignalWire, you’re always welcome to drop in and chat in our Community Forum or Slack.

If you have any feedback about community events or an idea for an event you’d like to see, reach out to to get in touch.

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