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What to Expect from Office Hours | SignalWire

What to Expect from Office Hours

A recurring live event dedicated to questions from the community.

Community Manager

Alex Rowell

To make it easier to connect with the team in real time, we host regular live public Office Hours. Each session is an open hour where the team is available to answer questions from the community.

Note that we will not be presenting slides or announcements; this hour is dedicated to meeting community needs. Everyone is welcome to bring questions and spend some time with the team! Whether you’re exploring options, just getting started, or a seasoned veteran with a thorny problem, feel free to stop by.

We host separate Office Hours for SignalWire and FreeSWITCH to help keep questions to one subject area. Below, you’ll find more information about each.

SignalWire Office Hours

The SignalWire team is available to answer questions, provide resources, and hear what features would help make your lives easier. All topics are open for discussion, regardless of complexity.

The staff for Office Hours changes based on the topics covered, but you can expect to see technical experts from Customer Success, Support, Carrier Operations, and even our Solutions Architects joining in to hear from you and answer questions.

SignalWire Office Hours are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern. Additional time slots are set based on community interest and may cover specific topics, such as our recurring Messaging Office Hour, or be hosted as a follow up to another event.

FreeSWITCH Office Hours

If you’re finding you have a problem that could use a deep dive with some of FreeSWITCH’s longest running SMEs, look no further.

This hour facilitates direct conversations with the FreeSWITCH founders and the team that’s actively maintaining FreeSWITCH today. From live PR and issue reviews, to bug hunts, to configuration not covered in the documentation, all FreeSWITCH questions are welcome.

FreeSWITCH Office Hours are on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern, with occasional additional hours scheduled for special topics.

Additional Events

Check out upcoming events on our Events Calendar, where you can sign up to receive email reminders and the event link.

Our community spaces are always open. If you have a question or feedback about FreeSWITCH or SignalWire, you’re always welcome to drop in and chat in our Community Forum or Slack.

If you have any feedback about community events or have an idea for an event you’d like to see, reach out to to get in touch!