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Hosted Messaging | SignalWire

Hosted Messaging

Porting phone numbers and getting started with hosted messaging.

Porting your existing number(s) for Hosted Messaging on SignalWire

You may decide to port over or activate hosted messaging services on your existing phone numbers via SignalWire. All types of numbers can be ported - Wireless, VoIP, and or Landline!

  • To start the process, you can submit a port request in your SignalWire dashboard by clicking on Phone Numbers > Port Requests.

  • Please make sure to fill ALL required fields listed.

  • IMPORTANT - Make sure you check the box next to the field that says “Check here if you are porting messaging services ONLY for Hosted Messaging (voice services will remain with your current provider)”

  • Once submitted, a ticket is automatically created and sent to our team for processing.

*IMPORTANT:* Make sure to use the intended project while creating your port-in order as the ported number will be assigned to it.