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High Throughput Messaging | SignalWire

Plan for success.

With SignalWire High-Throughput Messaging, we will work with you to get your SMS or MMS campaign pre-approved and enabled for throughput of up to 100 messages per second, with the added benefit of industry-leading message delivery rates. High-Throughput Messaging is available with Toll-Free numbers only.

Strengthen Relationships

Create a better customer experience, build trust, and strengthen brand identity by having the same toll-free number for calls and SMS.

Improve Targeting

Reach a larger number of customers at the right time with a higher rate limit of up to 100 messages per second.

Ensure Deliverability

Leverage our relationships with network providers to ensure that your text messaging campaigns are successful by avoiding filters by Mobile Network Operators.

Reach your customers faster.

It is crucial for businesses to reach their customers en masse in a timely manner, for marketing campaigns, alerts, reminders. Sending bulk SMS is an easy way to make that possible. However, due to a few businesses that abuse this capability and spam end users, the Network Operators have adopted stronger filtering mechanisms to prevent further abuse. This makes it difficult for companies with legitimate use cases to successfully run their text messaging campaigns. SignalWire can help you solve this problem with High Throughput Toll-Free Messaging.

Throughput Speeds

Prices are per month, per number. Talk to sales to enable this feature.

Messages per secondPrice
Up to 50$200/month
Up to 100$300/month

Standard Toll-Free per SMS or MMS message rates also apply.